Virtual Peak Performance Workshops for Your Team


Best in class virtual team experiences

Interactive Content

It's not just a static presentation, but a dynamic workshop, where we're asking the team questions and generating insights together.

Polls & Breakouts

We'll have pre-assigned polls to bring the concepts to life and prompt deeper reflections –– and breakouts to encourage shared learnings and connection.

Signed Books

We can send out first edition signed copies of Stealing Fire for your team to read and digest before the session to get familiar with the concepts first.

Biometric Devices

We can synch and train group coherence in real time with teams dispersed all over the world.

Jamie blew us away. Our whole group has talked of nothing else this week. Some of the most provocative and disruptive ideas I’ve heard in a long while––and that’s exactly what we need more of here.

–– Dane Holmes,
Senior Partner, Goldman Sachs

Incredibly grateful for the session today.

All 9’s and 10’s ratings!

–– Sheldon Wolitski,
Chairman, The Select Group

We heard nothing but positive and winning feedback from last week’s session. I had top performers coming up to me after the first session, saying it was already the best program we’d ever run. You helped us break outside of our box.

–– Lauren Kimball,
Snr Manager, The Event Group,
TD Ameritrade

Thanks again. Really great feedback during the event and fantastic engagement.

– Dan Leslie,
Founder & CEO, RealEats

Flow Genome Project has unlocked the secrets of peak performance for corporate leaders and translated it into language that executives can understand better than anyone out there.

–– Michael Jeurgens,
Senior Partner, Deloitte

Flow Genome Project takes exponential science and puts it on the ground in high-impact organizations. 

More than ever, the world needs moonshot solutions, and these guys are the ones training the astronauts that will get us there.

–– Will Weisman,
VP Summits & Conferences,
Singularity University