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Get the birds eye view of who we are, who you are (hopefully), and our brand promise.


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Discover how to get in "The Zone" faster, understand your behavior and & instincts, and get more Flow in your life.


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Informed by the cutting edge in flow science and culture, we train individuals and organizations to reach and harness their full potential.

We believe the world is better when humans are living their most authentic and connected expressions.

/flō/ noun
1) an optimized state of consciousness resulting in peak mental and physical performance
2) total absorption, inducing a sense of Selflessness, Timelessness, Effortlessness, and Richness
3) maximization of motivation, learning, creativity, cooperation and well-being

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What Others Say

"A wonderful job of balancing the promises, perils, and how-to prescriptions of engineering peak states such as 'flow'. "

Tim Ferriss
Entrepreneur, NY Times Best Selling Author & Host of The Tim Ferriss Show

"Jamie has amazing and fresh ideas on attaining higher performance states. When he talks, I listen."

Kristen Ulmer
Professional Extreme Skier and author of The Art of Fear

"A user-manual for hacking your brain to drive high performance."

Peter Diamandis
Founder of the X Prize, Co-Chairman of Singularity University, Best Selling Author

"They have placed themselves at the front lines of many of these practices and offer sage advice on how to engage with them for maximum benefit and minimum risk."

Aubrey Marcus
Founder of Onnit, NTY Best Selling Author & Host of the Aubrey Marcus Podcast

"Stealing Fire cracks the code of peak performance so ordinary people can achieve extraordinary results."

Mark Divine
NY Times Best Selling Author, Founder SEALFIT and Unbeatable Mind

"Stealing Fire is not just a bible for the second psychedelic revolution (drugs not required), but a manual to getting more: out of your body, your mind, and your happiness.”

Neil Strauss
NY Times best-selling author of The Game

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