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Our Leadership

Jamie Wheal


Julie Webster


Lucas Cohen


Becka Melisi


Jamie Wheal


Julie Webster

Head of Coaching

Lucas Cohen

Director of Marketing

Becka Melisi

Community Lead

Mindy Wiper

Director of Experiential Education

Travis Brewer

Performance Ninja

Leah Russell

Performance Ninja

John Delgado

Executive Assistant

Brian Pinkham

Digital Artist



David Eagleman

Neuroscientist, New York Times Bestselling Author

Jason Silva

Television personality, filmmaker, philosopher

Jimmy Chin

National Geographic photographer, filmmaker

Susi Mai

Professional Kiteboarder

Pilar Gerasimo

Founder, Experience Life Magazine, Author, The Healthy Deviant

Bill Tai

VC, Educator, Athlete

Ned Hallowell

New York Times Best Selling Author, Harvard Medical School Psychiatrist

Michael Gervais

High Performance Psychologist

Edythe Heus

Revolution in Motion Training

Rich Diviney

USN Comdr. (Ret.), Speaker, Leadership Consultant

David Aversa

Associate Clinical Professor at the Yale Child Study Center

Mona Ezzat Velinov

Functional Medicine Doctor

Lashaun Dale

Senior Executive for Global Fitness Brands

Alumni Features

We’re not just a research and training organization.

We’re a global community with like-minded kickass professionals doing amazing things in the world.

Check below to see the folks we’re proud to call friends.

Julian Carr

Special guest instructor at Flow & Snow (2017)

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Ryan D'Arcy

Flow Camp Alumni (2017) and Research Collaborator

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Kevin Carlin

Black Belt in Flow Genome Project trainings. (bringing flow throughout senior living facilities around the world).

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Aizhan Yessim

Alumni of Flow Fundamentals, Flow Performance and Flow for Leaders.

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Susi Mai

Advisor to the Flow Genome Project.

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Takako Hoshi

Flow Genome Coaching Certification Student.

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Benny Wallington

Flow Genome Certified Coach with Distinction.

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Ronen Aires

Flow Genome Certified Coach with Distinction.

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Georgia Ellis

Flow Genome Certified Coach with Distinction. Founder, Blue Chip Minds.

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Rob Gronbeck

Flow Genome Certified Coach with Distinction. Founder, The Brain Room.

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