Recapture the Rapture Excerpt - "Instagram Face"
What kind of friend are you really?
Some thoughts to share on Aristotle, the nature of friendship and its relationship to contemporary transformational culture.
We're Coming Unglued
This is a 5-9 minute read that took 2-3 hours to write––promise it's not like anything else in your feed today. Will be worth it if you stick with it!
To Infinite(y) and Beyond?
Welp. Things keep getting curiouser and curiouser out there, with all signs pointing to an even weirder and more turbulent second half of the year than we've seen so far.
Rethinking God, Sex, and Death | London Real
In this episode of London Real, Jamie Wheal and Brian Rose explore the limitations and potentials of biohacking, self-help, and psychedelic revolutions. They discuss psychedelic experimentation and integration, digital narcissism, and Jamie's personal journey.
A Deeper Dive with Jamie Wheal | SPMC 2019
This is the workshop and second part of the 2019 Spirit Plant Medicine Conference. Jamie takes a deep dive into 10 suggestions, accessing soul force, and walking the left hand path.
The Pitfalls and Potentials of the Psychedelic Renaissance | SPMC 2019
Jamie wheal speaks at the Spirit Plant Medicine Conference 2019 - UBC, Vancouver.
A Paul Revere for the Psychedelic Renaissance | Life is a Festival Podcast
Jamie’s message is tough love for those of us in the Ibiza-Bali bubble, but he also offers actionable advice including getting into a flow state for service, creating a hedonic calendar to reduce cognitive risk, and doing a 10-day Wilderness First Responder training for personal transformation.
Sense-Making in Chaos | Future Thinkers
Jamie Wheal, Mike Gilliland, and Euvie Ivanova talk about making sense in a world that is unraveling faster than we can keep up with, discuss the potential solutions to this crisis, and the challenges of building coherent and resilient communities.
A Wake Up Call to Humanity | Future Frontiers 2019
Future Frontiers Keynote 2019.
Pitfalls & Potentials of the Psychedelic Renaissance | Awakened Futures 2019
This presentation at the Awakened Futures Summit looks into the state of the world, the psychedelic renaissance, and transformational culture as a whole. Jamie Wheal describes the intersection of these three domains.
Hacking Collective Intelligence | Rebel Wisdom
How can we make sense of the world together, and what stops us from doing so? Jamie Wheal explains the challenges of getting into flow with each other, and how to hack our bodies and minds to enter into that space.
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