Homegrown Humans

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Our new podcast hosted by Jamie Wheal combines neuroanthropology and culture architecture to help us create a better future.

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Featured Guests

Sue Philips
Harvard Divinity School, Sacred Design Lab

Daniel Schmachetnberger
Founder, The Consilience Project, Co-founder, Neurohacker Collective

Amy Cuddy, PhD
Social Psychologist, Bestselling Author, Harvard Professor

Coming Soon

Wade Davis
Cultural Anthropologist, Ethnobotanist

Adam Gazzaley

Rick Doblin
Founder, MAPS

Lisa Feldman-Barret
Professor of Psychology, Northeastern University

Scott Barry Kaufman
Humanistic Psychologist

Tim Urban
Founder, Wait But Why

Bill McKibben
Author, Educator, Environmentalist

Erik Davis
Author, Scholar, Journalist

Dennis McKenna