Homegrown Humans

On the Collective Insights Podcast

Our new podcast hosted by Jamie Wheal combines neuroanthropology and culture architecture to help us create a better future.

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Featured Guests

Sue Philips
Harvard Divinity School, Sacred Design Lab

Daniel Schmachetnberger
Founder, The Consilience Project, Co-founder, Neurohacker Collective

Amy Cuddy, PhD
Social Psychologist, Bestselling Author, Harvard Professor

Lisa Feldman-Barret
Professor of Psychology, Northeastern University

Scott Barry Kaufman
Humanistic Psychologist

Bill McKibben
Author, Educator, Environmentalist

Erik Davis
Author, Scholar, Journalist

Coming Soon

Wade Davis
Cultural Anthropologist, Ethnobotanist

Adam Gazzaley

Rick Doblin
Founder, MAPS