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Our new podcast hosted by Jamie Wheal combines neuroanthropology and culture architecture to help us create a better future.

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Featured Guests

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Sue Phillips

‍Harvard Divinity School, Sacred Design Lab

Care for Your Soul: Designing Sacred Practices That Work

Daniel Schmachtenberger

Founder, The Consilience Project, Co-founder, Neurohacker Collective

How to Make an Impact: What You Need to Understand to Be Effective

Amy Cuddy

Social Psychologist, Bestselling Author, Harvard Professor

Overcoming Fear: The Research Behind Bravery

Dr. Gabor Maté

Physician, Renowned Addiction Expert

Tools for Trauma: The Research on Self-Compassion, Awareness and Empowerment

Helen Fisher

‍Biological Anthropologist

The Neurochemistry of Love, Lust and Attachment

Wade Davis

‍Cultural Anthropologist, Ethnobotanist

Integrating the Richness of Indigenous Wisdom with Modern Life

Lisa Feldman-Barret

‍‍Professor of Psychology, Northeastern University

Demistifying Your Emotions: Understanding the Neurochemistry of How You Feel

Brian Muraresku

‍Author, Scholar, Journalist

The History and Future of Religion: An Exploration of Meaning

Erik Davis

Author, Scholar, Journalist

Gnosticism: Why Religious Experience is so Important

Scott Barry Kaufman

Humanistic Psychologist

Exploring Self-Actualization for Greater Happiness

Bill McKibben

Author, Educator, Environmentalist

Climate Change: Individuals Must Join Together

Tyson Yunkaporta

Academic, Researcher, Author

Exploring Global System Through the Lens of Indigenous Thinking

Christopher Bache

Author, Professor

Exploring Psychedelics and the Mystical

Julie Holland

Psychopharmacologist, Psychiatrist, Author

How Psychedelic Compounds Improve Your Brain's Plasticity

Rich Diviney

Former Navy SEAL Commander

How Grit Attributes Help Us Build A Resilient Mind

Daniel Schmachtenberger

Founder, The Consilience Project, Co-founder, Neurohacker Collective

Why Collective Intelligence is Vital to Navigate Existential Risk Today

Wednesday Martin

Author, Social Researcher

How Junk Science Has Shaped Our Beliefs on Female Sexuality

Coming Soon

Wade Davis
Cultural Anthropologist, Ethnobotanist

Adam Gazzaley

Rick Doblin
Founder, MAPS