Who We Are

A collection of award-winning academics, artists,  special operations commanders, professional athletes, Fortune 500 business leaders, and experts dedicated to peak-performance.

We're focused on building world-class training programs on flow, altered states, and leadership.

Meet Our Team
“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

–– Howard Thurman

Who You Are (Hopefully)

Most people who are drawn to our work start from one of two spots:

The Frustrated Seeker

You went down the whole spiritual marketplace and globe trotting path...

Then you realized most of those folks were gullible, ungrounded, and not making a real difference in the world.

So you came back around to research evidence-based techniques to actually change.

The Overachiever

You had history of initial success in the real world, having chased the brass ring.

Then you realized that brass rings aren’t enough, and wanted something more meaningful.

And you're not willing to sacrifice reason, discernment, or research in your exploration for meaning.

Our Community

We're rational skeptics and curious mystics.

We gather in beautiful places around the world to practice, play and learn together.


Our Community

We're curious skeptics and rational mystics.

We gather in beautiful places around the world to practice, play and learn together.


What We Teach

Our Promise

There are many different ways to effectively make a living from "connecting to Source." Lots of people in the market are trying (and not always gracefully).

So here's our promise on what we will and won't ever do.

If this works for you, it works for us. Let's keep our eyes on the prize on what matters most... Training up Home Grown Humans and cutting them loose to mend the world.

We'll never...

Exploit insecurity or personal pain

We want people growing towards what they want, not running away from what they don't

Upsell you in a peak state

When your boundaries are down, that's not real consent

Tell you what "It" all means

We're "content neutral" agnostic gnostics

Pressure sell or use false scarcity to push you to buy

We're playing the long game and when you're ready, we're here

Offer “pay to play” for privileged or inside access

Your standing in our community is based on how well and for how long you've shown up

Sell high margin supplements to fund what we “really” want to be doing

Pimp out our list to affiliate marketers

Hit you up for donations

Unless it's for a non-profit cause we support too

We will...