Flow Canyons
Leadership Course

Take a Deep Dive Into the Heart of Flow and Leadership Development

Utah | Fall 2024

(A One Week In-Person Expedition Accompanied by Five Weeks of Digital Training)

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*Limited to 15 spots

Flow & Peak States. In the Real World

Real people, in the natural world. Training together.

Become a reality-tested leader, in some the most beautiful, awe-inspiring canyons in North America.

We'll lead you through a robust executive leadership program, while integrating flow and human development throughout.

"Leaders are made, not born, and how they develop is critical for organizational change."

– William R. Torbert, Harvard Business Review

What to Expect

A robust 6-week leadership development program, combining a week long expedition with five weeks of digital coaching and training.

The Canyon Expedition:

Six days devoted to circumnavigating three linked canyons, all flowing into one of the largest and most storied rivers of the American West––the Colorado river. Each day will be devoted to an experiential immersion in the levels of human development.

We start with the basics of wilderness survival––teaching you primitive skills like fire starting, brush shelters, and water harvesting. Then we move to tribal organization, military style order, individual orienteering, consensus leadership, and finally, to the culmination: where you experience the full spiral of human development.

This will involve group and solo challenges, ranging from navigation and survival skills to leadership and self-awareness. All backed by cutting edge neuroscience, optimal psychology and the work of prestigious academic institutions.

Digital Training:

Five weeks of coaching, integrating and building upon the experiences and content shared during the expedition. Delivered online, you'll build and form lasting habits through the course app, and join weekly Zoom calls for lessons and forging ongoing relations with the group.

This is your opportunity for weekly feedback, iteration and to ensure change cascades throughout your work and life (and doesn't only stay with your experiences in the canyon).

Apply for the Expedition

*Limited to 15 spots

Lead Instructors

Jamie Wheal

Executive Director, Flow Genome Project
Author of the Global Bestseller Stealing Fire and Recapture the Rapture

Jamie is an expert in peak performance and leadership, specializing in neuroanthropology, the intersection of culture, biology and psychology.

He has advised everyone from the U.S. Naval War College and Special Operations Command, the athletes of Red Bull, to the executives of Google, Goldman Sachs, Deloitte, Cisco, and YPO. His work and thought leadership has been covered in The New York Times, Financial Times, WIRED, Entrepreneur, HBR, Forbes, INC, & TEDx.

Why Do I Have to Apply?

Build Deep Relationships, Not Shallow Connections.

We only accept candidates who are leading communities or companies that are playing some part in forging a future that works for all of us.

The result is an exclusive community of alumni who remain deeply connected and committed to each other and their shared experience. Compared to connections from social media or friends you meet quarterly for drinks, this training offers the opportunity not just to swap business cards, but to plan a collaborative future.

In a world where Trust is an ever precious commodity and a prerequisite for innovative business, we find likeminded peers and get to know them for who they are, and who they will become.

Take a Look Inside Last Year's Adventure:

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of shape do I need to be in?

If you are moderately active you should be fine. We will start slow and travel no more than 5-6 miles per day with plenty of time for classes, reflection and enjoyment. As always, check with your physician to be sure –– but this will be a great chance to reconnect to a more vital and re-engaged you. (We also send detailed pre-trip fitness prep guidelines so you can treat this like you would getting ready for a 10K fun run, a sprint triathlon or any other fitness goal)

What if I'm not into "outdoorsy" stuff?

This course treats all the backpacking skills as secondary to and supportive of the course content –– cutting edge experiential leadership training. We will be traveling in style, eating organic gourmet meals and taking in scenery that no luxury hotel can replicate –– and you might just find yourself with a new passion.

I already invest in professional development –– how is this any different?

This course will take your leadership to a level simply not possible in conventional corporate settings. Building on the Harvard-designed Leadership Development Profile and our follow-on coaching sessions, you will experience greater lasting change than typical workshops or retreats allow.

We offer “720 degree feedback” where you have the insights from the psychographic assessment, detailed notes from instructors, peers and your own self evaluation. We aren’t easy graders--our goal is to take you beyond the limits of your experience but keep you within the limits of your abilities. The result is richer data for your own growth than you’re likely to find anywhere else.

What skills or prior experience do I need?

None. We will teach everything from the beginning and you will have the chance to practice throughout the course. If you already have experience in backcountry travel, you have the opportunity to refresh your skills, learn cutting edge ultralight campcraft, and teach your peers

What special gear do I need?

We are partnering with the leaders of the outdoor industry and will provide all group gear including shelters, cooking equipment, backpacks and course materials. You will provide your own clothing and personal gear from a detailed packing list.

How can I find the time for this?

This is a challenge for everyone––but what this course offers is the chance to combine personal renewal, bonding with peers and professional and personal development. All combined, you will return with more focus, more energy, and full engagement with all the aspects of your life. Invest six days to really live the remaining 359 to the fullest.

What is your cancellation policy?

In the event of unforeseeable circumstances (national travel restrictions, quarantines, etc.) that force us to postpone the date of this course, all tuition will be rolled over to our next available course.

If you're enrolled in the course, and you cancel after Sep. 15, 2022, all tuition paid will be rolled over to future digital courses. Alternatively, you can allocate 50% of your paid tuition to a future live event. If you cancel prior to Sep. 15, 2022, you are eligible for a full refund.

What Have Past Students Said?

Hear some of their experiences and impact.

"There's something about the ethereal beauty of this place that brings out a lot of emotional depth and teaches you a great deal."

– Sam Feinburg, Entrepreneur

"It's more of a feeling for me than something that I can easily describe. To figure out how we want to grow as individuals and how we're going to contribute to this world and be better humans."

– Randy Gates, Firefighter

"Your whole life perspective changes from being in the regular world – the experience was awesome. It's humbling, but also empowering. The curriculum was profound."

– Shebbie Jacques, Entrepreneur

"When you drop into the canyons, all the worries of the world go away. The course material was excellent, and allows embodiment to happen quite naturally. I would recommend this course to anybody who wants to level up."

– Brian Holmes, Senior Software Engineer

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