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FGP Coaching Certification Reviews

I recommend this course if you are committed to truly own and create your life, your way. You will do so with the support of a great community... A great course on leadership and change that I highly recommend. I wish I did this course earlier!

–– Anne-Aël

It was great to meet so many like minded people and build friendships that are really inspiring! The self-growth that is possible during this program is immense. A wonderful way to help the world grow!

–– Sybille Noser

Jaime, Julie and the amazing FGP crew break down the essential building blocks of living an extra ordinary super juicy gratifying experience here on planet Earth. I highly recommend taking FGP courses as often as possible, but at least 3.14 times per year. Go Team!

–– Brian J. Holmes

Learning how to become a Super 'Home Grown' Human, in the company of kind hearted people, accelerates the entire process of self optimization. It's like nothing I have ever done before, and I intend to inspire others in the same way I was inspired by my FGP family.

–– Thomas Williamson

Jamie has traversed the X factor of human performance and is living on the edge of exploring how we as humans thrive. If you enjoy learning about what is flourishing on the boundaries of existence, come and see...

–– Steve Tullar

It's easy to get that dopamine-rush of learning something new, but then not doing anything with it. That hasn't been the case here. I've changed. My team notices it, my clients notice it, and my family notices it... in positive ways

–– Susan Britton

"For people that are curious about the human experience..."

– Georgia Ellis

"I keep hearing 'finally, I'm feeling my body'"

– Rob Gronbeck

I am a retired UK police Officer now in my 70’s. This training has brought many different aspects of my life together... I feel renewed, restored and half my numerical age. No retirement for me. Thank you Jamie and super team. In deep gratitude.

–– Ray Savage

FGP has been the single most powerful tool I have ever come across for making lasting personal change and optimizing potential.

–– Erik Morrison

This program brings an awareness that you can lead at a higher level, and take others along with you. What really took things to the next level, was the community engagement and the love/care/attention shown by Jamie & the FGP team, to authentically care.

–– Aman Merchant

One of the best programs I've ever had, opened up real transcendent updates to individual daily life. Very stoked to savor this essence to me, family, community, and universe.

–– Hiroaki Takahashi

I walked into the FGP Coaching Certification with a disorderly duffle bag of tools and walked out with a toolbox full of the brightest minds in peak performance. This community showed me how to use them to become the architect of my own life.

–– Jaleel Mackey

The breadth and depth is likely to provide life changing growth to anyone who has the desire for personal growth. I've noticed positive impacts on almost all areas of my life. And I believe the learnings and connections will accelerate my growth for the rest of life.

–– Nick Scott

"Only if you're looking to make the most out of
who you are

– Katie Morrison

"If you have questions about what life is, or what you're doing, it's a space to come in to."

– Steve Brophy

I cannot yet comprehend the magnitude of the impact this training has had on me, but I am sure that I have been changed and upgraded from my core!

I am deeply grateful for choosing to embark on this FGP journey, from the in-person sessions in the Redwoods to the online community sharing.

This course had been a daily challenge, in the most meaningful way and been an absolute lifesaver and lighthouse throughout this unprecedented period of change for all of us.

–– Odette Stopforth

Going through the Flow Genome Project Coaching training during the pandemic was amazing. It made everything we learned in the course all the more relevant and timely.

Having completed the training, I feel more focused and purpose-driven confident. There is less “me” and more of a sense of being moved. As a result, there is more spaciousness, more stillness, less drama, and more maturity in my experience. I feel more “human” and more consistently awake. I would highly recommend this training for anyone looking for a fuller, more embodied, inspired, integrated and awake human experience.

–– Ceylan Kara

Knowing that you are in the hands of truly knowledgeable guides, whose egos are in just the right place, who have done an entire lifetime's worth of work and are joyfully sharing the ups and downs of it, the yays and nays, the WTFs, and the mind-f*cking glory of it all with you... that's rare and very special. Loved it.

–– Mark Barden

FGP has made me a more complete home grown human...

Surfing the waves of change, surprise, joy and pain.

–– Christian Champ

The self-discovery and discipline this program has provided has been eye-opening and incredibly beneficial in getting my life back in action after the death of my daughter. I am forever grateful!

–– Kris Bayer

I expect an ongoing impact as I feel I have found life long friends.

–– Scott Thorell

The survey of tools was excellent and broadened my mind, frameworks and skills.

–– Jan Rippingale

Thorough, deep, informative and compassionate. For anyone who can't wait to access their deeper potential and gift it to the world.

–– Christiane Karam

This was an all-around extraordinary opportunity to improve self-awareness and develop a toolkit of critical skills for work, relationships and life in general. The program offered a strong conceptual foundation, well-crafted experiential tasks, and plenty of resources to continue peeling the layers of the material we were presented with. I finished the program with a strong motivation to deepen the skills that we developed over the course of the three months. Jamie is truly an inspirational leader and one that I hope to continue learning from.

–– Camila Fernandez

I arrived here to hack the flow, and as I mentioned this training and community taught me that it is much more than that, it is living in an ethical way with yourself, and everyone and everything around you! Flow is just the consequence when you have that life!

–– Gabriel Rendon

The Flow Genome project has truly taught me how to be a "home grown human."  Jamie Wheal's depth of knowledge of our place in history is truly inspiring. I am thankful for the opportunity to learn from him.

–– Melissa Goldberg

It's everything I was looking for and everything that I didn't know I was looking for. It challenged me in every dimension perceivable and presented me with endless opportunities to level up that continue to proliferate even though the course is finished.

–– Nathan Kimura

The Flow Coaching Certification is by far the most impactful, profound and relevant educational program that I have ever been part of.

The program goes so far beyond performance improvement and sets the stakes much higher - seamlessly weaving together cutting-edge neuroscience and timeless wisdom traditions to provide a compelling, comprehensive framework for what it means to be a homegrown human and transformative leader in today's world.

Jamie, Julie, Lucas, Becka, and the entire Flow Genome Project (FGP) community are authentic, passionate, service-oriented people who are no question going to change the world.

–– Katie Read

This program has been one of the best things that has happened to me. I am already enjoying the transformation and the empowerment.

–– Pili Cuadrado

I went into the program with some unresolved, chronic health issues, namely uncontrolled Type 2 Diabetes. After 3 months of the program, the Diabetes is not only controlled, it's almost GONE.*

–– John Gasko

*NOTE: this is not an intended outcome of the program, but ‘may’ have resulted from John’s increased attention to hydration, diet, movement and mental fortitude.  Your mileage ‘will’ vary.  N=1.

Leading through fire reviews

I am a huge fan of flow work and Jamie Wheal. I have my whole team focusing on ways to improve their flow and this course helps me to guide them dramatically.

–– Kirk F.

A highly recommended software upgrade for anyone who cares about their personal growth and development and that of the people they lead.

The material is expertly presented in an easily digestible, supported format with reasonable time commitment expectations for busy professionals.The immediate implementation of the material in 'live' environments reinforces both retention and relevance of the topics covered.

–– Jonathan H.

Flow for Leaders provided such valuable tools and lessons to help me manage and inspire my large team of direct reports and my superiors. The course's takeaways provided insights and tactics to deal with today's organizational and social complexities. This is helping myself, my team, and our organization reach our potential.

–– Alex W.

Leading through Fire a year on is still giving. The course itself was eye opening and intense. Made me review so much about my business and personal relationships. It was exciting to go deeper; to be given more insightful practices with positive outcomes. A lot of the training concepts were new to me, and a year on, I would like to refresh and bed in deeper.

–– Holly M.

The course was great. Finding and challenging my Big Assumptions proved essential for my growth. The tools I was introduced to have been very useful.

–– John Clarke