The Psychology Podcast

On Ecstasis and Extraordinary States of Consciousness with Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal

The authors have worked with extreme sports athletes, Silicon Valley innovators, and maverick scientists to understand how high performing people are using peak experiences (such as flow) to unlock human potential. We talk about the “altered states economy” and how people spend trillions of dollars a year seeking altered states of consciousness, the transformative experiences we get from festivals like Coachella, what we see in the brain when individuals are using substances like LSD, and the “Hyperspace Lexicon.”
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The Unmistakable Creative

Stealing Fire and Going Beyond Flow with Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal

Get an Unfair Creative Advantage.
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Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu

#011: Jamie Wheal: The Future Is Your Brain on Drugs

Meet the man to whom Fortune 500 companies like Cisco, Nike, and Google look to help unlock peak employee performance. Jamie Wheal, Executive Director of the Flow Genome project and recognized expert in the four trillion-dollar altered states of consciousness economy, discusses everything from micro-dosing psychedelics to transcranial magnetic stimulation.
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Finding Mastery with Michael Gervais


Jamie and Steven are the co-founders of the Flow Genome Project, which is a collection of world-class academics, athletes and artists dedicated to taking flow from the extreme to the mainstream. I’ve loved being their friend and being part of their community. Jamie and Steven are completely switched-on: smart, quick and divergent thinkers, lovers of life, and are so curious, that they embody what they’re trying to learn.
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Bulletproof Radio

Jamie Wheal & Steven Kotler: High Consequences, & Hacking The Flow State – #216

Jamie Wheal and Steven Kotler come on Bulletproof Radio today to discuss the Flow Genome Project, defining the flow state, playing in the flow dojo, and why consequences are important. Enjoy the show!
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Aubrey Marcus Podcast

Stealing Fire from The Gods--Ecstasis, Flow and Sex with Jamie Wheal - AMP #99

Co-Author of one of the best books of 2017 "Stealing Fire", flow wizard Jamie Wheal breaks down the many ways to access super-normal consciousness, a term he coined as ecstasis.
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