Are you hooked on dopamine?

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Understand your behaviour and insticts
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What even is dopamine?

It’s the chemical in our brains that makes us sit up and pay attention, and rewards us when we discover things that are new, pleasant or dangerous (the fancy term is salience). 

For all of human evolution, dopamine was a way to encourage us to seek novelty, take risks, and pay attention to danger.

But lately, with the advent of digital media and one click buying, this powerful motivator has been hijacked, and most of us have barely noticed.

Why should I care about it?

Today we’re in this weird spot where this “pleasure” chemical is actually causing us a ton of grief.  In lost productivity, watered down attention, shallow relationships, irritability, anxiety, sleeplessness and distraction.  What started out as ways to engineer better “retention” on apps and screens has now hijacked many of our most personal choices.

Each time we have that itch to scratch, that’s a signal our dopamine levels are dropping and we’re unconsciously looking to top them up. 

Answer these questions as honestly as you can to see whether you have dopamine, or if dopamine has you!
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