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Leading Through Fire

Learn how to deal with volatility, uncertainty and complexity... and lead with resilience and grace through challenging times.

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Are you a high performing leader facing an expansion phase in your life and business? 

As the pace of the world increases on all fronts, so does your work and life.

And without tools to navigate added complexity, you'll ingrain poor work-life habits, your team succumbs to dysfunctional dynamics and you'll miss out on performance at the level you know you're capable of.

Rebalancing your life and work becomes essential. Not just "keeping everything afloat" but actively moving towards your goals in your career and family.

Your brain wants to learn new tools, and you may feel like you've "seen it all" but that very thought is holding you back from the next leap in growth right in front of you.

And to truly move forward, you must liberate yourself from the day-to-day low level tasks that you feel stuck in (without an effective team to take it off your plate).

We don't rise to the occasion, we sink to our training. So the only solution for effective leaders these days? Hope for the best, and train for the worst.

The world isn't getting any simpler, and the tools to keep up are becoming outdated faster than ever.

You used to win playing Battleships with your dad.

Today you're playing Call of Duty with the world. (and you just got smoked by a kid in his bedroom halfway around the world ;)

The old models aren’t any good for predicting and controlling what’s coming––they're too slow and clumsy to respond.

Who is this training for?

You want to develop the tools and practices of embodied leadership.

And how to hold a clear signal for others, especially in unstable conditions.
You are responsible for leading at least 3 people.

And you have the ability to introduce new concepts/tools/practices in your organization.
You sense the instability of the world, and want to learn how to move fast and light through complex conditions.

(Without getting sucked into tribal politics or binary thinking.) 

An Operating System Upgrade for Leaders

Most leaders these days have outdated models – in the age of digital distractions, AI, geopolitical uncertainty, and economic change – we need a more adaptive approach.

High stakes leadership requires Flow.

We’ve spent the past decade working with elite executives ranging from companies with $10M - $50B in revenue.

And we have identified, vetted and tested time and again the most stable, sticky and useful set of leadership tools possible.

These approaches were pioneered at Harvard Negotiation Project, developed at Columbia, Stanford and the US Naval War College, and tested on mountaineering expeditions in the most brutal conditions on the planet.

If they can work there, they can certainly work in your boardroom, startup or non-profit.

This is your call to learn these tools, retain them, and most of all...

Remember them when (not if) you get hit.  

You have to be rock solid in the fundamentals as conditions get unstable.

As the last couple of years have taught us, things that work in optimal conditions don't always work in crazy conditions.

Being a reliable leader who can mobilize their team becomes critical.

And that's much less about what your Powerpoint slides say, than who you are in the moment, unfiltered, and unvarnished.

We've synthesized the world's best leadership models from academia to extreme environments

Harvard Negotiation Project. Stanford & Columbia University. Navy SEALs. National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS). US Naval War College.

Here's what other leaders have to say about our work.

"A wonderful job of balancing the promises, perils, and how-to prescriptions of engineering peak states such as ‘flow.’"

Tim Ferriss
Entrepreneur, Investor, NYT Bestselling Author

"A user-manual for hacking your brain to drive high performance."

Peter Diamandis

Founder, X Prize, Co-Chairman, Singularity University

“Blew us away. Our whole group has talked of nothing else this week.”

Dane Holmes

Senior Partner, Goldman Sachs

"Jamie has amazing and fresh ideas on attaining higher performance states. When he talks, I listen."

Kristen Ulmer

Professional Extreme Skier

"An invaluable roadmap for transformational consciousness and culture.."

Rick Doblin

Founder, MAPS

"Stealing Fire cracks the code of peak performance so ordinary people can achieve extraordinary results.’"

Mark Divine

Founder, SEALFIT and Unbeatable Mind

Recapture the Rapture is a savvy, intriguing and novel roadmap to self-renewal. And it’s packed with literary, cultural, historical and biological references as well. You won’t forget this gem––it’s a fascinating read.”

Helen Fisher

Senior Research Fellow, The Kinsey Institute

"They have placed themselves at the front lines of many of these practices and offer sage advice on how to engage with them for maximum benefit and minimum risk."

Aubrey Marcus

Founder of Onnit, NYT Best Selling Author

Jamie leading our annual 5-day immersive gathering, Camp Omega

Ret. Navy Officer Curt Cronin in a fireside chat on startup ecosystems

Jamie training with the American Mountain Guides Association

"Leading through Fire a year on is still giving. The course itself was eye opening and intense.

Made me review so much about my business and personal relationships. It was exciting to go deeper; to be given more insightful practices with positive outcomes.

–– Holly Murray, Owner and Director, Pi Studio

Stop waiting for your development to happen over time. Train for it.

Leading Through Fire compresses a two-year MBA into six weeks.

How does it work?

We don’t teach you 80% of the stuff you’d never use outside of the classroom (which most MBAs do).

And we drill the sh*t out of the 20% you would use in your life and work.

In this program, you will learn:

  • The top 8 tools, techniques and virus scans to level up your team dynamics

    Plus your ability to generate individual and group flow

  • The #1 difference between a technical leader and an adaptive leader

    So you can upgrade the way you work and raise the level of everyone around you, too.

  • How to stop dragging your team along for the ride (of your own development)

    And three ways to significantly boost the quality and caliber of their strategy and decision making (without them having to change or grow at all).

  • Harness the power of Polarities, to shift from Victim to Creator

    And to do this in all aspects of your life, so you can coach those around you, and challenge them to live at their highest level.

  • Why you need to be the biggest pendulum in the room and HOW to start today

    So you can rally your team and enter group-flow, to serve that which you dedicate your life to with the highest level of impact.

The Top 8 Tools, Models and Virus Scans to Help You Step Up As a Leader

Learn the exact paint-by-numbers sentence stems to disarm conflict, calibrate your team, and change your game as a leader.

Turns out, most conflict is predictable and shows up as recurring patterns (whether in your team, family or friendships) .

So we’ll share helpful scaffolding for your conversations to leave everyone thriving and continually committing to playing the “infinite game”.

Using proven structures to embody these tools.

See One

Watch weekly class model overview & take notes

Do One

Apply the tool directly with your organization or team

Teach One

Review and iterate on progress with your training partner

How does Leading Through Fire work?

Leading Through Fire is a six-week online intensive training focused specifically for impact entrepreneurs and leaders who have a mission (and platform) to make some positive dent in the world.

To qualify: You must be responsible for leading at least 3 people and have the ability to introduce new concepts/tools/practices in your organization (plus basic traction with your business model––if you’re still trying to figure that out, stay focused and come back to us once you’ve lit that candle).

01: Weekly Video Lessons

Each week, we'll share a high-impact leadership model that you can implement immediately into your work and life. These are deeply grounded in academic institutions, tested in high-growth companies and validated in special operations communities around the world.

02: Personal mentor support

The class will be assigned one of our top Flow Genome Project Certified Guides to support everyone through the 6-weeks. They'll answer questions, keep you accountable, and challenge you to go deeper into your practices.

Our mentor model is based on Socratic Dialogue and Triple Loop Learning. This is designed to solidify insights, form new connections and expand your capacity to master this material.

03: Join a "Boat Team" to Study, Practice, and Live These Tools

You'll be paired up in small groups of 6-8 leaders –– other students in the course –– to connect and deepen these ideas together.

You'll do the assignments, swap notes, and host practice exercises together to drill in your learning and round out the edges of these new leadership models. By the time you implement them with your team, you'll be highly prepared and effective.

04: Weekly live office hours with Jamie Wheal.

Join the class live on a private weekly Zoom call Q&A to ask Jamie questions, share your progress and go deeper into the content.

These are often the most fun parts of the class, as we'll share stories, geek out on the neurophysiology and get into the fine-grained details of your own experiments.

And if you can't make it live, we record every one.

An Operating System Upgrade for Next-Level Consciousness and Culture

Build the skills that empower your whole team to perform at their best, in Leading Through Fire.

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We've tested these tools with the top performers in the world.

At the end of the 6 weeks, how will you improve?

Magnify your work productivity with regular experiences of flow

With rock-solid daily routines, you'll prime yourself for flow and peak experiences regularly.

Develop robust daily practices for resilience, overall health and performance

Synthesized from the endless amount of information online, in books, papers and podcasts, we'll show you what actually works, and how to optimize routines for your life.

Experience a greater range of conscious states to expand your perspective and insights

We'll do a deep dive into not just flow, but respiration training, and a bonus lesson on how controversial and misunderstood topics like sexuality and substances fit in.

Plan, dial in, and optimize your entire year for peak states and anti-fragile practices

Just like our calendars, our lives exist within seasons. If we plan them right, we can build a virtuous cycle of high performance on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual level.

Leading Through Fire Curriculum: What's Inside?

Week 1: Learning to Learn: Meta Models
Build Your Leadership Foundation

Learn the mechanics behind personal and professional change and how to shift towards continual growth by default. You'll develop a rock solid understanding of how humans learn, so you’re better equipped to lead, manage, inspire and develop your team.

Week 2: Transactional Analysis 2.0
Mapping the Games People Play

An overview of human developmental models––plus how to map and neutralize tribal office politics once and for all with three simple questions. You’ll learn how to minimize victimhood, maximize personal responsibility, and constantly steer people back to taking ownership over what’s theirs to do.

Week 3: Accentuate the Negative
Drop Everything But Your #1 Task

Skillfully deepen (rather than mess up) relationships in establishing healthy boundaries with colleagues. You'll navigate conversations with your team to protect and preserve the space to do what is most essential to you.

Week 4: Wicked Solutions to Wicked Problems
Embrace Polarities to Reach Strategic Clarity

Manage conflicting paradoxes and the power of polarities to solve wicked problems. At a certain level of complexity, we need to go beyond binary solutions to reach clarity. You’ll learn how to develop what Roger Martin, the dean of the Rotman School of Management calls the “opposable mind.” That’s the ability to hold multiple opposing solution to problems and steer dynamically between them.

Week 5: Immunity to Change
Eliminate Self-Sabotage Once and For All

The most potent tool outside a therapy couch for understanding self sabotage for you and your company's blind spots. You’ll identify your hidden motivators and drivers anchoring you to your present state –– and exactly how to eliminate them to reach true high performance as a leader.

Week 6: Heroic Leadership
Become a Courageous, Impact-Driven Leader

Develop radical hope and lead from a deep sense of courage that extends out to your family, organization, community and the world. You’ll learn how to spot the unintended consequences of high impact leadership, so you’re not knocked off balance when hits come your way.

Bonus: Surviving & Thriving in VUCA Conditions
How SEALs Lead Through Conflict

Build intellectual, emotional and physical resilience for when things get unstable. This session contains intimate and personal leadership stories taught by Curt Cronin, former SEAL Team 6 Commander.

See what some of our graduates are saying...

"The Leading through Fire Leadership Course was exactly the right course for this time. When the world seems to be falling apart around us, taking a moment to learn the tools and skills to not only survive but thrive leading ourselves first and then others toward a better world.  I would recommend this course to anyone looking to be a force for change."

Stephen Hawkins
CEO & Co-Founder, CRS Group, Inc.

"Leading through Fire a year on is still giving. The course itself was eye opening and intense. Made me review so much about my business and personal relationships. It was exciting to go deeper; to be given more insightful practices with positive outcomes. A lot of the training concepts were new to me, and a year on, I would like to refresh and bed in deeper."

Holly Murray

Owner and Director, Pi Studio

"The course was great. Finding and challenging my Big Assumptions proved essential for my growth. The tools I was introduced to have been very useful."

John Clarke
Manager, Sunshine Prosthetics

"I am a huge fan of flow work and Jamie Wheal. I have my whole team focusing on ways to improve their flow and this course helps me to guide them dramatically."

Kirk Fisher

CEO, HealthTech Connex Inc.

"Jamie’s courses are really excellent and content rich. Leading Through Fire - A great way to get all the essential leadership knowledge in one place, well packaged and well delivered. Buckle up and pay attention - there’s a lot of content!!"

John Brennan

Finance Executive

"There were a couple of times on the call I unmuted as I wanted to share how grateful I am that Jamie and crew have found a way to inter-weave the cosmic into the everyday of life and leadership. So many times over the last few weeks I’ve tuned in and thought 'wow someone is actually saying what I’ve been thinking for the longest time!'"

Suzy Clarke

Executive GM - Security, Xero

"I've gained a lot to add to my practice and to support others. Thanks everyone."

Kelly Dobson

Founder Performance Coach, LeaderShift

"This course is marketed to leaders but is very impactful to anyone who simply would like to lead their own life."

John Freisinger

Project Development Manager, Emera Technologies LLC

"Like many other techniques I have learned here, I am taking this one for life and will keep exploring."

Damian Buzzacchi

Engineering Manager, Bynder

"Every video and call included years of applied wisdom, and encouragement to embody everything that we were learning. I loved it and am so grateful for the opportunity to connect with both of you!"

Jennifer Main

Transformational Guide

"It was rich with information. Still looking forward to it revisiting."

Yvette P.

Head of Student Services, at one of Miami's Top High Schools

"I am deeply grateful for everything that has been shared."

Christopher Chang-Duffet

People Development Partner, Humaxis, Inc.

"Without a doubt one of the best leadership courses that I have taken. The format, the lessons, the resources, and the interaction have been tremendous. I will use everything I learned to make the world around me a better place."


Co-Owner, Sleep Better Austin

"This program supplied me with thoughtful and applicable material - expertly articulated by Jamie and Curt - that will help me better navigate my own internal processes before, during and after times of crisis and therefore better connect with those I serve along the way. Sincere gratitude for all the work you have done and continue to do!"

Jake McDonald

Co-Founder & Mindfulness Coach, The Peavey Project

"The combination of Jamie and Curt's expert instruction, the deep and road-tested course content, and extremely high-quality classmates (all playing the infinite game) makes this experience some of the best leadership training that money could possibly buy."

Lyn Gener

Consultant, ASRC Federal -NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center

"The LTF course was a 6-trip punch card to space and back. Each week providing broad new perspectives on the world we live in and the systems we are a part of. The content is an array of tools, models and frameworks that I was able to begin applying immediately to myself, family and organization to help see things more objectively and make decisions that I no longer have to second guess. Weekly live office hours with Jamie & Curt were a tremendous opportunity for insight, challenge and support from some of the best thinkers and leaders in the world!"

Rocky Prograno

Fixed Income Markets

"I think what Jamie, Curt, and the Flow Genome team have brought to the world is a phenomenon that should not be taken lightly its to be explored in all of its aspects and unpacking to create more wicked solutions to wicked problems."

Ally Moisse

Founder, CheekyMe

"This course is a very focused very impactful six week program. The thing I found most interesting in FGP courses is that they seem to be constructed so that I feel they are tailored specifically to me. I feel this is because the material is presented in a way that makes it easy to integrate into what is going on in my life.  What I get out of it tends to be just what I need and the revelations are surprising but impactful."

Mike Scholl

Practice Manager, Coastal Maine Pediatric Dentistry

"Leading Through Fire has opened my eyes to what a true leader in VUCA times looks like. It has empowered me with tools and knowledge to stand up for my deeper Yes while considering the needs of other people. It’s teaching me to work towards a win-win outcome in relationships. I have more confidence now stepping into a leadership role when needed."

Shebbie Jacques

Creator, Shebbie's Live Life Series

"This class started where other leadership courses and resources all fall short. It takes you to the places that keep you awake at night and invites you to face the uncertainties.  Some of these places are all known well, others are new.  By doing the work it helps you find your way and grow as a leader. Thank you for this course, it is now a part of me."

Brian Logue

Manager, University of Colorado School of Medicine

"I've attended many courses and programs on tools and tactics for more effective leadership. This course stands out as the single most important leadership course because it not only gave me the tools to navigate the role, but it helped understand why I should embrace the role of leader in the first place. I feel ready, able and willing to show up for my family, employees, customers and community in a way that I've never felt so clear about. Kudos on creating an affordable and digestible program that truly transforms."

Nik Tarascio

CEO, Ventura Air Services

"Leading Through Fire has been a hugely powerful experience for me, and I'm grateful for the content, support and community! Good leaders communicate well and build strong relationships. Leading Through Fire is a toolbox to level up communication and enhance relationships. What I've learnt in these six weeks will support me for the rest of my life. Thank you."

Gareth Pickering

Co-Co-Creator, Call to Courage Podcast

"LTF was an incredible meeting of minds and hearts in which tools, familiar and new, were shared and stacked in a way that provided skillful means to meet the world of leadership, whether in a corporate, movement, familial or community setting. The three biggest takeaways were: 1) The meaningful engagement of the course leaders, Jamie and Curt. 2) The open source access to great resources and tools. 3) The beautiful community of homegrown humans in the group so willing to meet, exchange, support and challenge one another."

Jeffrey Williams

Founder and CEO, Vitalist Institute

“The sheer depth - not volume, depth - of content was incredibly fascinating and would have been worth the price alone.  However, the community that supports integration and helps keep us engaged in taking full ownership and expression of the lessons is invaluable. The two together create a platform from which I will be continuing to learn for the rest of my life.”

Jeff Engelhardt

Principal, Corporate Strategy Consulting Group, Boeing

"A highly recommended software upgrade for anyone who cares about their personal growth and development and that of the people they lead."

The material is expertly presented in an easily digestible, supported format with reasonable time commitment expectations for busy professionals.

The immediate implementation of the material in 'live' environments reinforces both retention and relevance of the topics covered.

Partner, Apollo

Student Results

For those who participated fully throughout the course...
increased their clarity as a leader
increased their confidence as a leader
made meaningful peer connections
found these tools applicable to their life and work
feel more equipped to lead their team, organization or family through the VUCA conditions of the world today
increased their capacity to diffuse conflict and resolve strategic issues in their organizations
increased their physical, emotional and psychological resilience
will continue using the tools learned from this software update and have changed the way they view leadership

Ongoing Impact

There’s a sneaky move that many marketers make for workshops, masterminds and trainings, and that’s this:

They price their programs exorbitantly high but then frame that cost as a downpayment on your future success.

What’s ten grand among friends, if you’re practically guaranteed to follow this simple fool proof method to earn a million next year???

If you’re still not sold, the most aggressive might even call you out as having a “scarcity mindset” and imply you’re clearly not ready for the unlimited abundance their program will unleash (in easy monthly payments).

Needless to say, we’re not going anywhere near that riff––for two reasons:

One, it just feels icky.

We’re here to train homegrown humans who stand on their own two feet and you don’t get that by knocking people off balance first.

And two, what we teach doesn’t have a direct connection to earning more money, so any correlations could never be proven as causations. It’s bad science.

So, to be super clear, we DON'T teach you how to make 6 figures in your pajamas.

We DO teach you how to align your life’s energy with your life’s purpose.

And to advocate and negotiate for your worth.

And to build mansions out of time (balance your life and time with your output and earnings).

What happens then is… people switch careers, quadruple their earnings, take buyouts, double down on passions, invent new entrepreneurial things....

None of that's guaranteed, but these are the things we consistently see in our community. We just don’t plan them.

But it’s not an accident either. They are a logical and predictable outcome of the other work we do:

Helping folks de-program themselves from the hamster wheel of 21st century normal.

And giving them the tools to expand their perception, boost their vitality, clarify their purpose, negotiate conflict, step beyond dramas, and increase autotelic experiences.

(That’s the fun stuff––the flow states, and other super rewarding moments we live for).

You’re healthier, happier, more focused and often more powerful. And you’re surrounded by a community of solid folks doing the same.

So that’s the "What’s in it for Me?" potential, and some of the possible payoffs.

Your mileage will vary!

Your Instructors

Jamie Wheal

Founder, Flow Genome Project
Author, Stealing Fire (global bestseller) and Recapture the Rapture

Jamie is an expert in peak performance and leadership, specializing in neuroanthropology, the intersection of culture, biology and psychology.

He has advised everyone from the U.S. Naval War College and Special Operations Command, the athletes of Red Bull, to the executives of Google, Goldman Sachs, Deloitte, Cisco, and YPO. His work and thought leadership has been covered in The New York Times, Financial Times, WIRED, Entrepreneur, HBR, Forbes, INC, & TEDx.

Curt Cronin

Former Executive Officer, US Navy
Co-founder & Managing Partner, Broadway Strategic Return Fund

Curt Cronin is a retired Navy SEAL, Entrepreneur, and Change Agent. During his 20-year-long career as a Navy SEAL, living and working in an environment where milliseconds made the difference between life and death and winning or losing, he honed his talent as a catalyst for transformation and rose to eventually lead at the Naval Special Warfare Development Group.

Rocky Progano

FGP Certified Guide
Principal, FGP Corporate Solutions Team

Rocky Progano is a certified guide with the Flow Genome Project, focused on business development and facilitation of corporate engagements within FGP. He has two decades of experience in the financial services industry within New York-based international banks, including MUFG Americas and Royal Bank of Scotland. He is an lifelong outdoorsman residing in Westport, Connecticut, with his wife, Ashley, their two daughters, and their beloved four-legged trail companion, Louie.
He has advised the U.S. Naval War College and Special Operations Command, Red Bull athletes, executives of Google, Goldman Sachs, Deloitte, Cisco, and YPO. His work and thought leadership has been covered in The New York Times, Financial Times, WIRED, Entrepreneur, HBR, Forbes, INC, & TEDx.

Kostja Mirkovic

FGP Certified Guide
Partner, FGP Corporate Solutions Team

Kostja brings 20 years of international leadership experience and client advisory across tech, consulting, and investment banking firms with leading organizations such as Bain & Co, LinkedIn, Credit Suisse, Accenture, and Deutsche Bank, and Tier 1 backed start-ups. Kostja has led globally distributed teams across North America, EMEA & APAC, and is an avid biohacker and evangelist of optimal health and performance through movement, nutrition, mindfulness, sleep, sunshine, and cold exposure. He completed the 2nd highest ultra in the world (Huaraz, 2022), placed first in the Spartan Ultra, and summited Aconcagua, Chimborazo, Cotopaxi, and Mt Blanc.

Kodah Pipitone

Technologist, Strategist, Facilitator

Kodah is a former entrepreneur and investment professional with over a decade experience in government SaaS, consumer wearables, and private equity. He coordinates partnerships throughout the World Economic Forum and Summit Series communities within clean technology and transportation industries. Kodah is a devoted student of indigenous cultures and men’s work, with a passion for outdoor exploration and peak embodiment practices.

Bonus #2: Private Interviews: Applied Leadership

Jamie interviews a Principal at Deloitte, Mike Jeurgens along with the former Head of Global Hospitality and Strategy at Airbnb, Chip Conley.

Each are aimed at providing actionable advice for both making an impact within large organizations along with inspiring deep transformation among teams.

Bonus #3: Performance Priming Practice

Develop a simple but effective preparatory practice you can use before any high-stakes personal or professional encounter to put you in the best possible frame of physical and psychological readiness.

We'll breakdown the 4 ways to prime yourself for peak performance states, combining breathwork, nutrition, movement and music.

If you're not stoked, you get your money back.

No Hassle Full Guarantee

Leading through Fire provides a meaningful improvement for:

100% of people...
Who do 100% of the work...
100% of the time.

And if after completing the training (with at least 90% completion), you don't feel that way, let us know what didn't work for you and we'll process a full refund of your tuition.

“If you want to join a group of grounded, inspired, like-minded individuals, explore the tools & understanding & develop capability to lead in the new world, this course is for you. A carefully crafted curriculum that aims at the key aspects you need to know to deal with the challenges of leading people in a world that is changing at light speed. Get on board, dive in.

This course delivers the truth about the challenges we face & more importantly, what you need to know to lead humans as we create Meaning 3.0. It challenges with plenty of deep dives & is facilitated by one of the most grounded, casual, capable team of staff & boat team leaders. The blend of Jamie’s wisdom & Curt’s operational application of the content is gold dust.”

Phil Richards

Co-Director, Human Hackers

Frequently Asked Questions

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(And if you're the head of your company, reach out to us to see about group tuition rates to bring your colleagues along for the ride).