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The Flow Genome Project Guide Certification Program

Our most intensive training program, designed to expand your capacity and scale your impact.

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Wanted: Home Grown Humans

We live in interesting times and we need good people to lead us through them. This program is designed to level us up into our best selves possible.

It's a year-long initiation for those who are serious about training their bodies, brains, hearts and minds and leveling All. The. Way. Up.

Anthropos. Humans 2.0.

Train Your Body
From learning a new movement practice to a week-long canyon expedition, you'll be boosting your physical health in novel ways.
Train Your Brain
Learn the full suite of FGP programs to the point of not just intellectually understanding, but being able to teach and train others as a Guide.
Find Your Heart
Practice the building blocks of meaning, bring them into every area of your life and take part in our annual Camp Omega, a week-long co-creation of Meaning 3.0.
Find Your Mind
Learn how to build a strong sense of Radical Hope and discernment in your life and the state of the world, with a curated small group of others walking this path with you.

Led by Jamie Wheal and Our Amazing Team of World Class Professionals

Jamie Wheal

Founder, Flow Genome Project
Author of the Global Bestseller Stealing Fire and Recapture the Rapture

Jamie is an expert in peak performance and leadership, specializing in neuroanthropology, the intersection of culture, biology and psychology.

He has advised everyone from the U.S. Naval War College and Special Operations Command, the athletes of Red Bull, to the executives of Google, Goldman Sachs, Deloitte, Cisco, and YPO. His work and thought leadership has been covered in The New York Times, Financial Times, WIRED, Entrepreneur, HBR, Forbes, INC, & TEDx.

Curt Cronin

Former Executive Officer, US Navy
Co-founder & Managing Partner, Broadway Strategic Return Fund

Curt Cronin is a retired Navy SEAL, Entrepreneur, and Change Agent. During his 20-year-long career as a Navy SEAL, living and working in an environment where milliseconds made the difference between life and death and winning or losing, he honed his talent as a catalyst for transformation and rose to eventually lead at the Naval Special Warfare Development Group.

Designed for Elite Performance

The FGP Guide Certification is meant to be psychoactive.  

To take you out of your comfort zone. To lean into uncertainty. Make friends with complexity. And form lifelong bonds along the way.

This program will provoke a meaningful shift in your experience of peak performance, leadership, managing complexity, and being human.

What Flow Genome Guides Have Said...

"The program has provided a lifetimes worth of skills and practices.  It has stretched and challenged me, and left me profoundly changed, able to witness life in panoramic. What I now do with this panorama, thats up to me.  Thank you Jamie and the whole team for providing a truly unique delivery of human development."

Holly Murray – Owner and Director, Pi Studio

“More than a coach, I feel like the FGP training has really made me an architect of durable excitement, connection and good feeling.”

Gustavo Tavares – Director of Design, FROML Full Range of Motion Lifestyle

One of the challenges in building out this program was making it accessible to the kinds of folks who want to do it (executives with families, serial entrepreneurs, PhD researchers with full time jobs, physicians—basically folks for whom time is a scarce resource) while making sure the program actually has a significant impact on you.

We think we’ve found a nice balance. The course requires a minimum commitment of about five hours per week. And for those who have the bandwidth we’ll have enough additional reading and resources to dive deeper if you wish.

Split into Two Semesters

To make this accessible to busy schedules, we've split our Guide Certification into two tracks, the Leadership Intensive and the Omegan Intensive.

Spring Semester


February - July 2023

Revitalize your body, boost your creativity, and rekindle your relationships...

Learn the building blocks of conscious culture and practice Meaning 3.0 live.

  • Lead a Boat Team through our 6-Week "Flow Performance" Training (Digital)
  • 5-Day Camp Omega Retreat (Aspen, CO)
  • Service Work
  • Embodiment Training
Fall Semester


October - December 2023

Take a deep dive into the heart of flow and leadership development.

Start off with a 7 day canyon expedition and end with 6 weeks of digital training.

  • 7-Day "Flow Canyons" Leadership Course (Dark Canyon, UT)
  • 6-Week "Leading Through Fire" Training (Digital)
  • 3-Day Wilderness Medical Training (Your preferred timing with select partner organizations)
  • Embodiment Training
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How Does It Work?

One Year of Small Group Advisory Calls with Jamie Wheal and Curt Cronin
The Year Kicks Off When You Join
You'll be led through training in the full suite of FGP programs and touch base monthly with Jamie and Curt in an intimate setting. We'll explore your questions, learning gaps, curiosities and blind spots, together.
Flow Performance
February 2023
You'll lead a BOAT crew of 4-8 students through the Flow Performance training. You'll develop a deeper layer of understanding as you support students through designing their peak performance operating system.
Camp Omega
July 2023
A week long intensive designed to level up every aspect of your neuropsychology and performance. We'll teach the user manual to becoming a homegrown human–– how to harness our evolutionary drivers for peak states, healing and connection.
Flow Canyons
October 2023
We aren't here to grow followers, we're here to lead leaders.

And we believe the best form of leadership training out there is through our 7-day canyon expedition––blending the best of flow and human development with wilderness survival.

Our executive director, Curt Cronin, has called this a "thinking man's BUD/S." The civilian equivalent of NAVY SEAL training––but not for physical defense, instead for creating centered, embodied, high-performing humans.
Leading Through Fire
November 2023
We then transition out of the canyons into our digital Leading Through Fire program. Taking the top 20% of tools to cover 80% of the situations you'll face every day as a leader.
"I would want anybody I spend any time with, having any remotely committed relationship with, to have all of the tools that we teach in Leading Through Fire, installed, onboard and conversant. Or, we're forever having to slow down and do software patches when their system crashes.

It is literally the prerequisites for moving fast and light through complex conditions…."

– Jamie Wheal
Additional Program Elements
  • 3-Day Wilderness Medical Training: You'll be required to enroll in a 3-day (or longer) Wilderness Medical Training to develop essential leadership skills and invaluable applicable physiological expertise.
  • Community Service: We'll all consistently give back to our communities, help those around us and use meaningful state-changing tools to prime ourselves to perform at our best in service to others.
  • Embodiment Training: You'll take up a new embodiment practice to get right back to the beginning of the learning curve. Prefer weight training? Learn acro-yoga. Like gardening and sculpting? Learn Brazillian Jujitsu.

Georgia Ellis – Founder, Blue Chip Minds

Ryan Bozajian – Partner, Caerus Capital Management

Rob Gronbeck - Founder, The Brain Room

Katie Morrison - Global Properties Director, L&K Real Estate

"This course provided a roadmap on how to live an embodied skillful life and nourish others forward!"

Laurel Gropper
Primary Care Optometrist, C.H. Eyecare

"Exceptionally well composed and unusually rich. Recommended for anyone that wants to go deep."

Philipp Haese
Product Owner, Trivago

"All-round this experience has been life-changing for me."

Sara Robertson – Founder, Lime Horse

Frequently Asked Questions

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"Learning how to become a Super 'Home Grown' Human, in the company of kind hearted people, accelerates the entire process of self optimization. It's like nothing I have ever done before, and I intend to inspire others in the same way I was inspired by my FGP family."

Thomas Williamson

I recommend this course if you are committed to truly own and create your life, your way. You will do so with the support of a great community... A great course on leadership and change that I highly recommend. I wish I did this course earlier!

Anne-Aël Gombert
Breathwork Instructor

I walked into this program with a disorderly duffle bag of tools and walked out with a toolbox full of the brightest minds in peak performance. This community showed me how to use them to become the architect of my own life.

Jaleel Mackey
Tech Executive

"The program goes so far beyond performance improvement and sets the stakes much higher - seamlessly weaving together cutting-edge neuroscience and timeless wisdom traditions to provide a compelling, comprehensive framework for what it means to be a homegrown human and transformative leader in today's world."

Katie Read
Management Consultant

Jamie has traversed the X factor of human performance and is living on the edge of exploring how we as humans thrive. If you enjoy learning about what is flourishing on the boundaries of existence, come and see...

Steve Tullar
Financial Executive

Having completed the training, I feel more focused and purpose-driven confident. There is less “me” and more of a sense of being moved. As a result, there is more spaciousness, more stillness, less drama, and more maturity in my experience. I feel more “human” and more consistently awake. I would highly recommend this training for anyone looking for a fuller, more embodied, inspired, integrated and awake human experience.

Ceylan Kara
Transformation Guide
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