Pilar Gerasimo

Senior Vice President, Lifetime Fitness Founder

Key Facts

Created Experience Life magazine which now reaches more than 3 million people.

Co-hosts the popular weekly podcast, The Living Experiment.


SPilar didn’t climb the ladder to become one of the most influential voices of the Lifetime Fitness empire–she kicked down the door. Frustrated by the lack of critical, thoughtful dialogue around health and fitness, Pilar convinced Lifetime’s founder Bahram Akradi to fund her dream magazine, –what has become the coolest, most provocative in-flight magazine, ever. Not content to stop with a readership approaching a million worldwide, Pilar took the gloves off. In the award-winning she calls out the dysfunctional pre-packaged couch potato life we are marketed, and advocates for the simpler, saner and more sustainable options all around us. Pilar has been a guest on Dr. Oz’s “Oprah & Friends” radio program and has partnered with Functional Medicine pioneer Dr. Mark Hyman to create and co-present the UltraSmart Weight Loss Workshop at the Omega Institute. She sits on the advisory board of the University of Minnesota’s Health Journalism & Communication program. She has served as a judge for the National Magazine Awards and the Beard Foundation Awards. Plus, she lives in a super cool fairy-tale farmhouse with a turret.

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