How the digital age is killing your performance
CNBC Africa
Smartphones and the always on culture are preventing humans from achieving their optimum performance. Jamie Wheal, Co-Founder of the Flow Genome Project discusses how to enter your flow state and achieve your potential.
The Enhanced Human
Aspen Brain Lab
Jamie wheal speaks at the Aspen Brain Lab 2018.
How to Steal Fire from the Gods
Rebel Wisdom
Jamie Wheal is one of the world's foremost experts on creating profound personal transformation with ecstatic flow states. What are the rewards and challenges of playing with fire in this way.
Peak States and Ethical Cult Building
Rebel Wisdom
How do we use the most powerful consciousness hacking tools to transform ourselves and our lives, and what are the dangers? Jamie Wheal describes the positive and negative effects of altered states and community.
Evolution & the Future | Bret Weinstein & Jamie Wheal
What are the evolutionary challenges we face, and how are we going to get through them? Evolutionary biologist Bret Weinstein and Jamie Wheal discuss the deepest questions we are facing.
Collective Flow States, Non-Ordinary States, and Why They Matter
Collective Insights Podcast
Interviewed by Daniel Schmachtenberger, Jamie talks about non-ordinary states of consciousness, group flow, and practices for accessing peak experience states.
Our Best Selves
Singularity University
In a world of exponential change, one of our greatest challenges is to remain centered on what makes us human. Jamie Wheal discusses how we can achieve a state of Flow, helping us to perform at our best, live our happiest and most fulfilled lives - and to be our best selves.
How to Prepare for Challenging Times
Aubrey Marcus Podcast #117
Jamie Wheal and Aubrey Marcus unapologetically examine the challenges within transformational festivals, and the necessary battle plan to prepare for the turbulent times ahead.
Stealing Fire From the Gods
Aubrey Marcus Podcast #99
Jamie Wheal and Aubrey Marcus sit down and discuss the many ways to access super-normal consciousness, a term Jamie coined as ecstasis.
3 Simple Techniques to Get Into Flow
Business Insider
Jamie Wheal giving three tips for accessing flow states: breathe, move, and be outside
Optimizing Human Performance
Mind Pump Podcast
The Mind Pump Podcast team and Jamie Wheal dive into fascinating and controversial subjects including using psychedelics to induce flow states.
Altered States of Consciousness: There's Nothing Supernatural About It
Big Think
Altered states of consciousness are documented across cultures, from shamans to Silicon Valley coders. As different as these experiences seem, there are four neurological features they all have in common.