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We take a rigorous, multidisciplinary and supremely practical approach to the science and research of peak-performance. At our core, we’re “flow hackers”. The end goal of all of our research is to inform our practices so we can help more people level up in their actual lives.

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Claremont Graduate University

Flow & Addiction at

Leveraging the comprehensive literature that exists on the neurophysiology of addiction to help decode the neurobiology of Flow. Taking place in Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi's lab at Claremont Graduate University.

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This will be a correlational study examining the relationship between flow and addiction. The flow variables being examined are: typical flow activity, average intensity of flow experienced in the given activity, and dispositional flow proneness. These predictors will be examined for correlations with the following addiction-related variables: type of addiction, substance use (both legal and illicit), and dispositional addiction potential. There is a significant gap in the literature examining the role addiction may play in flow, thus, this research will make a significant contribution to the scientific understanding of the mechanism underlying flow states and autotelic personalities.

The correlational study will examine the relationships between:

1. Flow proneness (i.e. trait flow) and addiction potential.
2. Flow proneness and type of addiction.
3. Intensity of state flow and addiction potential.
4. Intensity of state flow type of addiction.
5. Typical flow activity and type of addiction.
6. Typical flow activity and substance use.

The purpose is twofold. Two address major gaps in the literature and to draw inferences on the neuroscience of flow.

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The goal was to provide a self-selected group the opportunity to train with principles and practices of peak performance theory. We then validated the efficacy of the intervention with Google as part of its sustainable performance initiatives.

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The Flow Dojo is the World’s First Research and Training Center for Flow States. It’s designed to bridge the extreme and the mainstream a place where anyone can safely experience Flow. If The Exploratorium Hands-on Science Museum and Cirque Du Soleil Had A Baby, this would be it. Swap the science for movement, replace paying to be in the audience with playing as a part of the performance. And you’ve got it exactly. We’ve scoured the globe to find the most innovative equipment that let’s anyone experience the rewards of extreme sports without any of the risks. We capture your body-brain data with 360 degree immersive audio/video and real-time biometrics that help drive you into Flow and capture all your body-brain data while you’re there.Until now, if you weren’t a freakishly talented and courageous professional athlete, it’s been foolhardy to chase these sensations- gravity hurts! So We scoured the world for the best kinetic equipment that lets the rest of us safely experience those daredevil sensations when we train, and we’ve connected them to light, sound and biometrics so we can learn as we play…

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