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Harness the Power of Peak States to Reclaim Your Time, Double Your Energy and Supercharge Your Performance

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Next Cohort: July 2024
Proven Science-Backed Techniques to Minimize Distractions and Maximize Your Output.

 In Your Work. In Your Life.
Flow Genome Project has been featured in:

"[Stealing Fire] is an excellent book on the power of meditation and alternate states of consciousness on performance."

Joe Rogan
Host, The Joe Rogan Experience

"...A wonderful job of balancing the promises, perils, and how-to prescriptions of engineering peak states such as ‘flow.’"

Tim Ferriss
Entrepreneur, Investor, NYT Bestselling Author

Most of us spend our days in a state of constant distraction, brainfog and “Digital Alzeheimers”

While the idea of “Goldfish attention span beating out humans” is a myth, the realities aren’t any more encouraging.

We get distracted and switch tasks (like finishing reading this vs. checking your phone that just buzzed) dozens of times every day.

We lose 40% of our focused work time each day to this ADD see-saw.

And we end our days frazzled and stressed. Frazzled because our brains and nervous systems aren’t wired for this kind of bombardment. Stressed because our To Do lists are forever getting kicked into tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that.

So we drink too much coffee, get nowhere near enough sleep, impulse eat and get led around on digital leashes by those pocket monsters we call “smart” phones. 

All while these precious years of our lives rip by, faster than anyone told us they were gonna.

But you already know all this, right?

If you’re like most folks that train with us, you've been trying to figure your way out of this sand trap for years.

You stopped reading fiction a while ago and replaced bedtime stories with self help and professional development. Business. Science. Psychology. Parenting. Trying to fill in all those gaping holes in your education that college never touched.

You might follow fitness gurus on the ‘Gram and download podcasts with Ph.Ds.

Maybe you hop on whatever keto-paleo-intermittent fasting diet thing your friends are swearing by. You might even start breathwork and buy a cold plunge pool or infrared sauna.

Or stock a medicine cabinet full of overpriced vitamins and nootropics in search of that Limitless pill.

Or fill a drawer with smart watches, sleep trackers, and brain wave headbands that seemed cooler in the ads than they turned out to be useful over time.

And that’s all awesome, as far as it goes.

But purchasing the products is a country mile from becoming the person they promised you in the first place.

But you already know all this, right?

If you’re like most folks that train with us, you've been trying to figure your way out of this sand trap for years.

And that’s all awesome, as far as it goes.

But purchasing the products is a country mile from becoming the person they promised you in the first place.

We’re drowning in information, but starving for transformation.

That’s what this training, Flow Performance delivers.

The vetted information that gives you reliable transformation.

(Focus, clarity, vitality, recovery, creativity, resilience).

What’s the secret ingredient?


We’re a training organization, not an inspiration organization. We care even more about who you are six months from now, than how you feel during your first six weeks with us. 

No one can do your push ups for you. But we can certainly show you how, and then do them right beside you. It’s more fun that way. 

But only if you’re down to play.

Flow Performance condenses 34 years of combined experience in neuroscience, optimal psychology, and high performance leadership, and boils it down into
6 weeks of the highest impact training possible.

Who is this training for?

Here's what the best have to say about our work.

“Blew us away. Our whole group has talked of nothing else this week.”

Dane Holmes
Senior Partner, Goldman Sachs

"A user-manual for hacking your brain to drive high performance."

Peter Diamandis

Founder, X Prize, Co-Chairman, Singularity University

"A highly personal, richly informed and culturally wide-ranging meditation on the loss of meaning in our times and on pathways to rediscovering it"

Gabor Maté

Author of In The Realm of Hungry Ghosts

"Jamie has amazing and fresh ideas on attaining higher performance states. When he talks, I listen."

Kristen Ulmer

Professional Extreme Skier

"An invaluable roadmap for transformational consciousness and culture.."

Rick Doblin

Founder, MAPS

"Stealing Fire cracks the code of peak performance so ordinary people can achieve extraordinary results.’"

Mark Divine

Founder, SEALFIT and Unbeatable Mind

"A savvy, intriguing and novel roadmap to self-renewal"

Helen Fisher

Senior Research Fellow, The Kinsey Institute

"Stealing Fire lays out exactly how to hack the brain—it’s an inflection point in our understanding of the human condition."

Salim Ismail

Founding Executive Director of Singularity University

We've seen it all, so we know what works, what's hype and empty promises.

Our work has positioned us as leaders in this field and our books have been directly responsible for inspiring dozens of startups in fields ranging from neuro-health, to VR, to blockchain to nootropics.

Because of our close relationships with scientists at places like Stanford, Johns Hopkins and Imperial College, we are always getting sent the newest biohacking devices and supplements to test. 

And we politely bin most of them. Same with the latest behavior hacks, mindfulness apps, and breathwork programs.

Flow Performance is all about the stuff we actually chose to keep. 

We separate the Wheat from the chaff (if you’re old school). Signal from noise (if you’re high tech). 

As Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes said “I don’t give a damn for the simplicity on this side of complexity, but I’d give my life for the simplicity on the other side of complexity!”

That’s our briar patch. The place we love to hang out. The place we love to lead others to. The simplicity of a rich, vibrant, Flow-inspired life, on the other side of all the hype and noise.

Practice not theory.

Science not superstition.

Training not therapy.

For yourself. For your family. For your community. For the wider world.

Introducing Flow Performance

Six-Weeks to Take Your Performance, Resilience and Sense of Meaning to the Next Level

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Next Cohort Dates:
May 2024

How does Flow Performance work?

Daily Power Hour

Just 4% of your day to improve your overall resilience. These are nine core habits that will leave you more focused, energized and organized through the rest of your day.

Weekly Video Lessons

Where you get to choose your level of challenge and go out into the world with specific tasks that ramp up your “Flow prone-ness” dramatically.

Live Office Hours with Jamie Wheal

These are often the most fun parts of the class, as we'll share stories, geek out on the neurophysiology and get into the fine-grained details of your own experiments.

"Boat Team" Training Groups

You'll do the assignments, swap notes, and host practice exercises together to drill in your learning and round out the edges of these new performance models.

In-Depth Mentorship

Our highest performing students come back around to teach and mentor our courses. You'll learn from the best and get direct feedback on your progress throughout.

We've tested these tools with the top leaders and performers in the world.

At the end of the 6 weeks, how will you improve?

Magnify your work productivity with regular experiences of flow

With rock-solid daily routines, you'll prime yourself for flow and peak experiences regularly.

Develop robust daily practices for resilience, overall health and performance

Synthesized from the endless amount of information online, in books, papers and podcasts, we'll show you what actually works, and how to optimize routines for your life.

Experience a greater range of conscious states to expand your perspective and insights

We'll do a deep dive into not just flow, but respiration training, and a bonus lesson on how controversial and misunderstood topics like sexuality and substances fit in.

Plan, dial in, and optimize your entire year for peak states and anti-fragile practices

Just like our calendars, our lives exist within seasons. If we plan them right, we can build a virtuous cycle of high performance on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual level.

Flow Performance Outline: What's Inside?

Week 1: What is Flow?
Lay Your Peak Performance Foundation

You’ll unpack the nuances of altered states, understand your unique relationship to flow (based on an analysis of your life history). This part’s essential so you know where you Flow, and aren’t having to take anyone else's word for it!

You’ll then develop a robust daily "Power Hour" of habits and practices to bring about flow––4% of your day to transform 100% of your life. Perhaps the most game-changing move out there, because who has any extra time and energy just lying around for personal improvement?

Week 2: Mythology to Psychology to Biology
Design Your Life and Work Around Biological Cycles

You’ll engineer the optimal balance of challenge and struggle in your own life to maximize flow, while working within the cyclical nature of long term high performance. This helps you "float more, and steer less" so you can make the most of limited time, energy and willpower.

Week 3: Flow Triggers
Saturate Your Environment with Meaning

Together we’ll unpack the three macro triggers and nine micro triggers of flow in safe and recoverable experiments. Hint: action sports athletes hacked these decades ahead of everyone else, but you don’t need to be an adrenaline junkie to apply them to your own life!

Week 4: Hedonic Calendaring
Plan Your Year Around Flow and Peak States

We’ll map and plan your entire year around skillful access to peak states, in ways that build in resilience, accountability and sustainability for long term high performance. Remember that Power Hour from Week One? That’s just the beginning. Now picture your weeks, months and years dialed in to deliver the life of your dreams, on autopilot. Changes everything!

Week 5: Performance Priming Practice
Access Flow on Demand

If you’ve ever wondered how to reach "Flow on demand" for those make or break moments in life––this is how. Harness the safest and most reliable ways to prime flow triggers for when you need them most. It’s like a turbo button for your mind. Five easy and memorable steps (adapted from our work with Red Bull extreme athletes and Olympians) that you prime your body and brain with, so when it’s time to take the mic, hit the stage, or pitch your dream, you’re wired tight and in the Zone.

Week 6: Vital Respiration Protocol
Tune Your Body and Mind With Breathwork

You’ve heard all about breathwork at this point, and probably tried a few sessions yourself. This training takes you from Stan Grof to Wim Hof and back again, leaving you firmly in the driver’s seat of harnessing respiration to tune your body and mind. Your perspective and range will not be the same afterwards!

Bonus: Embodied Cognition
A New Dimension of Intelligence

Discover how the body/mind system works from the bottom up, to turn off your personal narrative, defrag your nervous system, and turn on peak states. Rather than living life from behind our eyes (or on the therapist’s couch), learn to tune your body and brain to support your heart and mind. It flips the script from "I am my thoughts" to "I am my vitality" and empowers us to live radically differently.

Bonus: Sexuality & Substances
Stacking Practices for a Full Body-Brain Reboot

Optional (and for the curious only): We'll cover the myths of the state-sanctioned states of consciousness and explore the research and best practices for relating to a variety of commonly used substances, from alcohol, caffeine and nicotine, to cannabis and prescription drugs. We’ll then unpack how and why human sexuality is both the most confusing but potent practice of all, and we'll discuss how to stack what you've learned from respiration, substances and sexuality for the most reliable and effective ways to reboot your entire nervous system and your relationships (bring a special friend, and double your fun).

Bonus: Known Issues and Integration
Staying Grounded Through a Life of Flow

How to practice these techniques over the course of a lifetime while maintaining integrity, skillfulness, and avoiding the many hidden traps along the way. This is a much deeper cut at Chapter 10 of Stealing Fire with decades of wisdom, and neuroscience research to back it up. (This was the part that Tim Ferriss was raving about when a friend sent it to him to read).

Your Instructor: Jamie Wheal

Executive Director, Flow Genome Project
Author of the Global Bestseller Stealing Fire and Recapture the Rapture

Jamie is an expert in peak performance and leadership, specializing in neuroanthropology, the intersection of culture, biology and psychology.

He has spent years guiding in the mountains, deserts and oceans of North America and the Himalayas, guiding students on winter expeditions sleeping in snow caves, and taking the youngest group of Americans to 23,000 feet on the North Face of Everest.

He has advised the U.S. Naval War College, U.S. Special Operations Command, Britain’s Sandhurst Royal Military Academy, the athletes of Red Bull and Nike, and the executives of Google, Goldman Sachs, Deloitte, Cisco, Facebook and Disney. His work and thought leadership has been covered in The New York Times, Financial Times, WIRED, Entrepreneur, HBR, Forbes, INC, & TEDx.

See what some of our students are saying...

"This entire course has been an amazing experience. I'm completely convinced that this is what I need to master in order to become a better surgeon and a great surgical teacher."

Ivo Ferreira

"Jamie has traversed the X factor of human performance and is living on the edge of exploring how we as humans thrive. If you enjoy learning about what is flourishing on the boundaries of existence, come and see..."

Steve Tullar

Managing Director, JonesTrading

"FGP has been the single most powerful tool I have ever come across for making lasting personal change and optimizing potential."

Erik Morrison
Owner, Love Street Media

"A brilliant addition to my personal explorations and delivered more than I anticipated. Echoing many responses already.. I would say it was often like drinking water from a massive fire hose in the amount of information presented. Stimulating in a fabulous way."

Laurel Gropper

Primary Care Optometrist, C.H. Eyecare

"I get into flow more easily and have a very confident and calm attitude towards most of my tasks and goals. By sharing my insights with my friends and colleagues I can even see curiosity and changes in them too. Maybe it’s my calm and confident presence that made the changes."

Aizhan Yessim

Founder, Almaty Marathon

"In pretty much every area of my life, I feel more satisfied since I've increased the amount of flow in my life. I'm firing on all cylinders and I can't wait to apply what I've learned to more fully humanizing myself and others.”

Jeremy Gordon

Vice President, Technology Consultancy

"Flow Performance is a game changer for me and unlocked new levels of performance and focus. I have been biohacking and doing personal development for nearly a decade, but the tools and systems in here have helped take me to a new level."

Dan Marston

Management Consultant & Performance Coach

"Flow performance provided a step by step guide on how to access flow states and create a productive life."

Josh Levine

Founder, MBS Fitness

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Next Cohort Dates:
May 2024

“Flow Genome Project has unlocked the secrets of peak performance for corporate leaders and translated it into language that executives can understand better than anyone out there.”

Michael Jeurgens

Senior Partner, Deloitte

Bonus: #DoTheObvious
2-Page Guide

For anyone who books an interview after joining this workshop, we'll send you a 2-page PDF on our updated #DoTheObvious recommendations, with Mild, Medium and Spicy options. You'll choose your own adventure for each one.

Bonus: "Recapture the Rapture: Future Proof Your Life" Self-Study Course

A deep dive in the tools and models to make sense of our exponentially changing world. And how to design your life around Meaning 3.0 –– inspiration, connection and healing.