How to Live Life to the Fullest, With the Most Vitality, Inspiration and Impact Possible

(Using Neuroscience and Optimal Psychology)

By harnessing the most addictive neurochemicals in your body that prevent burnout and stress


Train at the Intersection of Neuroscience and Optimal Psychology

"They have placed themselves at the front lines of many of these practices and offer sage advice on how to engage with them for maximum benefit and minimum risk."

Aubrey Marcus, Founder of Onnit, NYT Best Selling Author

You can learn to tap into Flow, on demand.

The Zone, or Flow as it’s known in the academic space is an optimal state of consciousness in which you feel your best and you perform your best.  

It refers to those moments of rapt attention and total absorption, where everything else melts away and your focus is totally in the now. Time dilates - slowing down or speeding up, your sense of Self vanishes, action and awareness merge and you become one with whatever you’re doing.

In Flow, performance skyrockets to otherwise unreachable heights.

We've distilled the exact science and application of what it takes to get there.

So here's our invitation for to you to learn what it takes...

Most performance trainings don't work.

Not anymore, at least. They're either made up of "Grinders" or "Dreamers".

The "Grinders" are stuck in the Skinner-Behaviorism mindset. This is the idea that changing our behaviors (and ultimately our lives) is a matter of inputs and outputs. If you focus on constantly grinding it out, only then can you achieve... (think hustle-culture).

You'll get short term results but nothing tends to stick over the long term.

Then you have the "Dreamers". They're stuck in the power of positive thinking, "The Secret," and affirmations. If you change your attitudes and beliefs... then everything in your physical life will change too.

This perspective is often ungrounded in technical specifics and flirts with "the woo."

You'll have to suspend judgement, and ignore (healthy) skepticism.

Either of these binary approaches doesn't cut it. And the world is changing too rapidly right now for that to be enough.

An upgrade to how we approach performance.

We need to start optimizing brains, bodies and peak performance states.

To make the shift from psychological models to integrative ones. Or as we call it, the shift from OS to UI (Operating System to User Interface).

That's a shift from black box "guessing what's happening" in our minds... to switching our conscious states as easily as swapping apps on your iPhone.

This is why we take a multidisciplinary approach to teaching.

Sharing insights from the leading researchers at Harvard, Stanford and Columbia, to special operations teams like the Navy SEALs and DARPA, and even RedBull extreme athletes and Olympic teams

Combining these leads us towards the full spectrum of ultimate performance.

We've worked with the top performers in the world.

Here's what the best have to say about our work.

"A user-manual for hacking your brain to drive high performance."

Peter Diamandis, Founder, X Prize, Co-Chairman, Singularity University

"A wonderful job of balancing the promises, perils, and how-to prescriptions of engineering peak states such as ‘flow.’"

Tim Ferriss, Angel Investor, Entrepreneur, Author of The 4-Hour Workweek

“Blew us away. Our whole group has talked of nothing else this week.”

Dane Holmes, Senior Partner, Goldman Sachs

"Jamie has amazing and fresh ideas on attaining higher performance states. When he talks, I listen."

Kristen Ulmer, Professional Extreme Skier, Author, The Art of Fear

"They have placed themselves at the front lines of many of these practices and offer sage advice on how to engage with them for maximum benefit and minimum risk."

Aubrey Marcus, Founder of Onnit, NYT Best Selling Author

"Stealing Fire cracks the code of peak performance so ordinary people can achieve extraordinary results.’"

Mark Divine, NY Times Best Selling Author, Founder SEALFIT and Unbeatable Mind

“A savvy, intriguing and novel roadmap to self-renewal. And it’s packed with literary, cultural, historical and biological references as well. You won’t forget this gem––it’s a fascinating read.”

(Referring to Recapture the Rapture)

Helen Fisher, Senior Research Fellow, The Kinsey Institute

"An invaluable roadmap for transformational consciousness and culture.."

(Referring to Recapture the Rapture)

Rick Doblin, Founder, MAPS

Introducing Flow Fundamentals 4.0

Six-Weeks to Become Highly Skilled at Getting into the Flow State.

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Your Instructor: Jamie Wheal

Executive Director, Flow Genome Project
Author of the Global Bestseller Stealing Fire and Recapture the Rapture

Jamie is an expert in peak performance and leadership, specializing in neuroanthropology, the intersection of culture, biology and psychology.

He has advised everyone from the U.S. Naval War College and Special Operations Command, the athletes of Red Bull, to the executives of Google, Goldman Sachs, Deloitte, Cisco, and YPO. His work and thought leadership has been covered in The New York Times, Financial Times, WIRED, Entrepreneur, HBR, Forbes, INC, & TEDx.

Practice-based learning.

We take you through essential habits, experiments and triggers designed to produce more Flow in your life.

It is experimental and experiential. Each week, we introduce the science-based triggers of Flow... and then you apply it in your own life and report back to the class.

We share our own N=1 data sets, swap feedback and improve together.

If you just want to kick back and listen to some neat ideas, occasionally be inspired, and not change, then this is not the course for you.

This course will give you significant insights if you do the work. No one else can do your pushups for you.

Describing the foundational theories and models of flow in the FGP Virtual Flow Dojo.

The how-to's of biofeedback, HRV entrainment, and Navy SEAL breathing techniques.

Six Weeks

Learning & training in Flow

35+ Videos

Studio shot in our Virtual Dojo

Nine Habits

In your daily Power Hour

How does Flow Fundamentals work?

Lessons deliver daily from our group start date, and we kick off the next run June 6th! You'll see a long video every week, along with a video and exercise every day.

The course runs 6 weeks, and you'll have access to an online group of other community members going through it right alongside you.

We recommend blocking off roughly one hour per day, five days a week, for effectively completing this program.

Before the course starts we send over prep videos and materials so you can get excited and ready to go!

When you join Flow Fundamentals, you'll receive...

Customized Flow Trigger Training Missions with 35+ modules

Where you get to choose your level of challenge and go out into the world with specific tasks that ramp up your “Flow prone-ness” dramatically

The 9-Habit Power Hour Breakdown with Daily Tracking

Just 4% of your day to improve your overall resilience. These are nine core habits that will leave you more focused, energized and organized through the rest of your day.

Cutting Edge Research, Theory and Models

You’ll learn about the four stage Flow Cycle and the two critical steps that almost everyone gets wrong, about the Flow Time Map–and exactly how to steer yourself out of Past and Future and into the Deep Now, about the crucial research on how your Mindset directly affects your ability to recover from setbacks, and much more from top-ranked institutions like Harvard, Columbia, Cambridge, Stanford and DARPA.

Access the 1000x Processing Power of Your Brain

You’ll learn (and use) a simple 12 hour creativity Flow hack to access the 1000X processing power of your intrinsic brain instead of our normal waking state.

Private Social Community

You’ll learn (and use) a simple 12 hour creativity Flow hack to access the 1000X processing power of your intrinsic brain instead of our normal waking state.

Direct Access to Flow Mentors

Each cohort is assigned 1-2 mentors to answer questions and support the class through the six weeks. They're selected from the alumni of our courses that have especially rocked it,  and showed up fully as #HomeGrownHumans.

Along with these bonuses...

Hedonic Calendaring Guide

This is a step-by-step guide on how to schedule your entire year around skillfull access to peak states. This breaks down the daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal and annual practices you'll want to lock in for a life of flow.

The Flow Genome Matrix Overview (25 min. Video Breakdown)

This is one of the most important modules we've been tracking. Looking at the physiological knobs and levers that unlock peak states, Jamie unpacks the entire Flow Genome Matrix.

Flow Fundamentals: Six Week Course

The principles of hacking human performance



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Starts June 6th, 2022

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If you're not stoked, you get your money back.

No Hassle Full Guarantee

Flow Fundamentals provides a meaningful improvement for:

100% of people...
Who do 100% of the work...
100% of the time.

And if after completing the course (with at least 75% completion), you don't feel that way, let us know what didn't work for you and we'll process a full refund of your tuition.

What do over 1,500 past students have to say?

Flow Fundamentals Reviews

"This has been one of the most educational classes I've ever been in, including college.

I wish they had something like this in college. I think it should be mandatory. The amount I learned about myself, the brain hijacks that I have let cripple my life at times, just simply everything was phenomenal."

–– Ben Herrick

"I've done many crazy and out-of-the-norm things in my life and so far these six weeks have been truly the most sustained and prolonged proactive vital civilian learning experience program that I've ever experienced."

–– Claudi Valls i Lillo

"There really are no words to describe the benefits I have received from this course, and with the tools you have provided it never has to end. It truly is the course that keeps on giving."

–– Debra Lucas

"Thank you for designing this course. To be honest, it is perhaps the only endeavor I've concluded successfully in maybe a decade, aside of college. It is beautifully structured. The results are very powerful, even if in retrospect the techniques seem easy, but it would have been difficult to put two and two together on my own."

–– Renato Vargas

“Everyone should learn this. I will have my children learn these tenets of flow before I give them a cell phone. This is fundamental to human well being. Thank you for showing us the way.”

– Christopher C.D.

"In pretty much every area of my life, I feel more satisfied since I've increased the amount of flow in my life. I'm firing on all cylinders and I can't wait to apply what I've learned to more fully humanizing myself and others.”

– Jeremy Gordon

“The biggest impact this training has had on me has been being a part of a community of like-minded people. Learning and sharing alongside them has felt genuine and authentic.  It’s given me encouragement to keep seeking a better life.  It’s great knowing I’m not alone in seeking flow and wanting to hack it for my daily life!”

– Shebbie J.

"For those that are hungry for more self awareness, more growth, more flow, and more abundance in their life. This course is awesome and I would highly recommend it without reservation. The cost is pennies for the value it will deliver."

–– Joanette Weisse

“This has been the single most impactful and memorable learning experience of my life...

It played a direct role in increasing my productivity by orders of magnitude AND my enjoyment of life significantly. 

I'm in awe looking back how much I've accomplished in a short 6 weeks."

– Alexandru P.

“Flow Fundamentals is a perfect example of how to learn and achieve flow in the same moment.

 The entire program is an educational experience of flow. As I was learning, I was tapping into "my flow" and learning how to recreate it on demand. I became more aware of myself, what was holding me back and how to address and change it.  

It allowed me to step into my most authentic self. I feel like a superhero.”

– Taylor G.

"This course was full of meaningful content that is helping me progress through some stuck areas in my life. Thank you to all the course members and mentors/coaches!"

– Jake Atchley

"Grateful for completing flow fundamentals in the path of mastering the concepts. I feel this journey as a game changer in my life. Very happy to feel the force you mentioned in week one! That increase in satisfaction, enjoyment and positive impacts in the world are fuels to my journey that has just started. Thank you @jamiewheal and this fantastic group!"

–– Guilherme Ferraioli

"This has been an amazing and life changing journey for me. Thank you!"

– Matt Mecham

"Since I've begun to get serious about recovery it's made a huge difference in my performance and sense of wellbeing. Thanks, Jamie."

–– Leonardo Radomile

"This course has been brilliant. Guiding me towards things I want, but haven’t been doing, socially, meeting amazing people and interacting with them in discussion and been a great social trigger for me. Realizing I need to get back into more physical things, and then creating the space to do it."

– Elvin Ko

"Thanks, and I got a lot of value out of the course."

–– Matt Hedman

"Thank you @jamiewheal and everyone in the cohort for supporting, inspiring and holding me accountable these past 6 weeks. I'm extremely grateful & wish you all the best in your Flow journeys moving forward!!

I think this course would be great way to strengthen friendships, relationships & overall team dynamics (especially at a time when most people are working remotely)."

–– Tanner Byers

"Jamie and team have done a great job compiling what it means to get started at flow. I highly recommend anyone getting a introduction to Flow to take this course. 

It's a great way of getting connected to the wider feedback of your life, as well as learning more about what it means to be human."

–– Justin Meritt

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The principles of hacking human performance

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Starts June 6th, 2022

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