Camp Omega
Future Proof Your Life

A week long intensive designed to level up every aspect of your neuropsychology and performance

Aspen, CO | July 24-29, 2022

*Due to retreat size, spaces are strictly limited

A Training for Homegrown Humans

This is an invitation for those who are serious about training their bodies, brains, hearts and minds.

Who are homegrown humans?

It's us. All of us. Fully alive. Deeply committed. Fearless. Joyful. Courageous. Kind. Steeped in the deep knowing of who we are and what is ours to do.

"There is something magical about this tribe which I can't explain but it feels both uplifting and centering"

– Eric S., Entrepreneur

A Summer Gathering in the Rocky Mountains

We'll be deep in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, 1 hour from Aspen. Full of meadows, forest, creeks, waterfalls and ponds, with trails leading right into the White River National Forest.

Exploring the questions of what does it mean to be a human on this world? How can we orient to the time in which we live? What are the building blocks of conscious culture?

We'll share this place with foxes, elk, black bears, hawks, eagles, and trout.

The extensive property has both welcoming gathering spaces and private corners for solitude.

Surrounded by the red rock of the river valley, the retreat is nestled in groves of Colorado blue spruce, Aspen and, Douglas fir trees.

What You'll Learn

The user manual to becoming a homegrown human –– how to harness our evolutionary drivers for peak states, healing and connection.

This is a continued progression of what we're teaching, ever evolving to best match our current assessment of the world.


Daily morning movement, rolling out the kinks, and acro yoga partner practice.


Group singing, drums and rhythm training. We'll walk through the progressions of bringing a group into the groove.


We'll teach the full Vital Respiration Protocol, combining Holotropic Breathwork, Vagal Breathing and other state-shifting techniques.


Defragging our nervous systems, upgrading our stories. Working out our questions, our answers, our problems, our solutions.


Stepping outside of ourselves and experiencing "anamnesis" – a deep remembering of who we are underneath all the distractions.


Where two or more of us gather, we make the move from Me, to We to Thee. A deeply bonded group experience aka "Group Flow."


As Lincoln so famously said "I care not for a man's religion unless his dog and cat are the better for it."

Group embodiment practices taught by world class movement practitioners.

Immersed in nature, turning off our devices tuning out digital distractions, and dropping in to community.

Daily seminars on the topics of neuroanthropology and culture architecture.

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Summer 2022

Guest Faculty

Camille Fiducia

Model, Entrepreneur, Mountain Guide

Daniel Schmachtenberger

Founder, The Consilience Project & Neurohacker Collective

Steve Brown

Founder, Fish For Change

Leah Song

Founder, Rising Appalachia

Chloe Smith

Founder, Rising Appalachia

Thomas Crum

Founder, The Thomas Crum Approach, Lifelong Aikido Teacher

Clay Stranger

Managing Director, Rocky Mountain Institute

Leah Russell

Performance Ninja, Acro Yoga Teacher


Brian Pinkham

Digital Artist in Residence (featured at Meow Wolf)

What have past students said?

The smile on my face is because of each and everyone of you! Outside my comfort zone and feeling the flow with confidence in my soul as I rewrite the stories I have known.

––Jennifer Ann

It was an amazing week. Thank you all for showing up in such an authentic way! It was a very emotional and transformative week for me.

–– Matt V.

As a group we have tapped into something larger than ourselves.

–– Silvia F.

FGP has been the single most powerful tool I have ever come across for making lasting personal change and optimizing potential.

–– Erik M.

Jamie, Julie and the amazing FGP crew break down the essential building blocks of living an extra ordinary super juicy gratifying experience here on planet Earth. I highly recommend taking FGP courses as often as possible, but at least 3.14 times per year. Go Team!

–– Brian J. Holmes

Jamie has traversed the X factor of human performance and is living on the edge of exploring how we as humans thrive. If you enjoy learning about what is flourishing on the boundaries of existence, come and see...

–– Steve Tullar

What about COVID?

We're aiming for the combination of two things with this gathering: impeccable safety protocols while still getting to do all the good and fun things humans do when we get together.

So, to avoid the need to require mask wearing 90% of the day and never knowing for sure what was okay to share and do...

We're going to require everyone either A) be vaccinated or B) pass a three-stage screening process to attend this year's gathering.

As a safety protocol, this simplifies and liberates us to just be humans again. To gather, celebrate, sing, dance, learn and train together (like how we used to).

For Option A –– this means having had both shots if you got the Pfizer, Moderna, or AstraZeneca vaccine or just one if you got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

And Option B –– we'll follow up with covid testing options leading up to the event.

From shared accommodations, to shared classroom spaces and meals, there's really no way to do this apart from one another. And if we needed to be apart, we wouldn't bother to do it at all.

Thanks for understanding, and we can't wait to see you all this summer!

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