Brutal Fact #1

Action sports athletes are better at getting into the Zone than almost anyone else. The trouble is, how they get there either puts them into Flow… or into the hospital.

Brutal Fact #2

Scientists are making huge progress figuring out what’s inside the “black box” of Flow. The trouble is, how they get us into Flow, leaves a lot to be desired.

That’s why we designed the


to bridge the extreme and the mainstream a place where anyone can safely experience Flow.


If The Exploratorium Hands-on Science Museum And Cirque Du Soleil Had A Baby, This Would Be It.

Swap the science for movement, replace paying to be in the audience with playing as a part of the performance. And you’ve got it exactly.

Extreme sports like experiences with out the risk

We’ve Scoured The Globe To Find The Most Innovative Equipment That Let’s Anyone Experience The Rewards Of Extreme Sports Without Any Of The Risks.



Capture your body-brain data

With 360 degree immersive audio/video and real-time biometrics that help drive you into Flow and capture all your body-brain data while you’re there.

And While We’re Busy Training Our Games To Find More Flow…

We’ll be launching an X-Prize for Flow research to integrate all of the 1st generation smarthealth sensors into an iFlow app that doesn’t just measure what you’ve done, it turbo charges what you can do.
And check out our pop-up Flow Dojo at the Googleplex main campus in Mountain View. We hosted American Ninja Warrior Finalist Travis Brewer and created a “gFlow Ninja contest” with all of the Googlers–good times teaching body/brain training and recovery to one of the smartest organizations on the planet!.

What’s with the Jungle Gyms?

riseofsuperman-bookcover In researching the Rise of Superman we interviewed over 200 extreme athletes to find out what got them into Flow fastest.

Hands down, they answered three key experiences



Weightlessness (off the lips, big hucks, three point shots and Hail Mary’s) where body and mind hang in suspended possibility

Multiple G’s

Weightedness (bottom turns, railed corners, banks and swoops) where muscle bones and organs all feel the compression of many times gravity

Poly-axial rotation

(flips, twists and spins) where the only remaining reference point is one’s center, and earth and sky spin round and round before you stomp that landing
Until now, if you weren’t a freakishly talented and courageous professional athlete, it’s been foolhardy to chase these sensations- gravity hurts! So We scoured the world for the best kinetic equipment that lets the rest of us safely experience those daredevil sensations when we train, and we’ve connected them to light, sound and biometrics so we can learn as we play…