It’s just a teaser of what’s possible in integrative digital experience design.

Big wave surfing captured by Aussie photographer Chris Bryan with the Phantom 1000 FPS camera (creating true time dilation–one of the core criteria of Flow states).

When you’re getting barreled, it feels like Forever

Travis Rice hucking massive Alaskan lines (mirror neurons firing like mad as we imagine ourselves doing the same) courtesy of our friends and advisers at RedBull

Isochronic Alpha brainwave entrainment under the soundtrack (driving us into the awake/aware alpha state correlated with Flow)

And for an extra bio-feedback kick , download Azumio’s iPhone app Stress Doctor

and have it measure your breathing rate and heart rate variability (HRV) as you watch!

Just a small example of what’s possible when designing experiences that “reverse engineer the genome of Flow.”

Put it on Full Screen, turn your speakers up to 11, boot up your Azumio HRV app, and enjoy!

(and special thanks to our graphic design team at Sneaky Giants for pulling together this multi-sensorial mashup!”