Learn More About Flow

Flow states, peak experiences, in the zone, runner’s high, being unconscious—the lingo is endless. The experience, though, lives up to the hype. Time slows down. Self vanishes. Action and Awareness merge.

We’ve been lucky enough to have some amazing filmmakers and conferences capture a few of our favorite moments.

Scroll through the videos below to learn more about top Flow hacks, neuroscience, practices and personal stories, along with shots of our worldwide community of Flow Hackers training together and having a blast.


Learning to Do Anything By Yourself Is Hard…

If you want to go far, fast, learn how to hack flow with the Flow Hacker Nation and take your game to the next level.


The Biology of Bliss and the Human OS

“The world we desire can be won. It exists. It is real. It is possible. It is yours. It is ours.” See Jamie Wheal speak at Voice and Exit, our generation’s festival of the future.


Flow and Ultimate Human Performance

Flow is a path that anyone can take toward accelerated learning, increased focus and higher performance. Flow hackers including explorer Mike Horn, photographer Chase Jarvis, and athletes Robbie Maddison and Danny Way use their insights to bridge the gap between the extreme and the mainstream.


Introduction to The Optimized Brain, with Steven Kotler

Flow is technically defined as an optimal state of consciousness where we feel our best and we perform our best. Steven Kotler runs through the neuroanatomic shifts that make it possible. If your guess is that the brain somehow works harder or faster during flow states, you may be surprised to learn that everything actually slows down thanks to what’s called transient hypofrontality.


Hacking Your Flow State

Digital Philosopher, Jason Silva, talks about his passion for the Flow state—this state of virtuosity and enhanced performance, among artists and musicians and writers and elite athletes. They go into this zone, where the ego dissolves and you get hyper-focused on what you’re doing and achieve excellence.


Flow Dojo: World’s First Research and Training Center for Flow States

Check out our overview of the world’s first dedicated Flow research and training centre–the Flow Dojo. Equal parts Cirque du Soleil and X-Games with a Quantified Self overlay to track all the data, the Flow Dojo lets us train our brains (and bodies) to find our minds.


Hacking the GENOME of Flow: Jamie Wheal at TEDxVeniceBeach

In this talk, Jamie Wheal, executive director of the Flow Genome Project shares how his own journey from isolation to fulfillment set the course for his life’s work on Flow, and how ground-breaking research from McKinsey, DARPA, and Red Bull, helps us cut 10,000 hours to Mastery in half, and increase our impact at work by up to 500%. In the final section of this talk, Jamie reveals the “genome of Flow”—the four-step path our bodies, brains and minds go through as we experience a Flow state, and how reverse-engineering this genome can help us live life to the fullest.


Your Brain on Flow

Action sports superstars including Robbie Maddison, Jimmy Chin, Travis Rice, Dean Potter, Danny Way and Mike Horn join author Steven Kotler to go deeper into the science and neurochemistry of how flow states are triggered, and their effects on your brain.


Altered States to Altered Traits: Hacking Flow

Jamie Wheal speaks at TEDx Black Rock City. “It’s never been easier to get high, and it’s just as hard as it’s always been to stay that way.” In this talk, Jamie Wheal, Executive Director the Flow Genome Project, details how rapid advancements in technology, psychology and pharmacology have led to an unprecedented uptick in our access to peak states, and how we might be able to use those moments of clarity and inspiration to learn, do and be much more than we thought possible.


The Flow Dojo: World’s First Flow Research & Training Center

Check out our pop-up Flow Dojo at the Googleplex main campus in Mountain View. We hosted American Ninja Warrior Finalist Travis Brewer and created a “gFlow Ninja contest” with all of the Googlers–good times teaching body/brain training and recovery to one of the smartest organizations on the planet!


50 Years of Flow Research in 6 Minutes

We were honored to have two-time Sundance Grand Jury Prize winner and director of Brand: A Second Coming, Ondi Timoner, feature us on her series on disrupters. She’s an amazing interviewer and a gifted filmmaker who reports getting most into Flow in the editing room, crafting a story out of raw pixels. Check it out, and learn a little more about why we started this organization, why Flow matters more than any of us would think, and what’s possible when we all get more.


Pushing the Limits of What Used to Be Possible

How do the world’s greatest athletes keep shattering records? Have humans’ strength and speed reached their pinnacles? Of course not. What is behind the advances we’ve seen? CNN’s Fareed Zakaria talks with Steven Kotler about these questions and more.


Engineering Super Human Traits

Digital Philosopher, Jason Silva, and bestselling author of The Rise of Superman and Flow Genome Project co-founder, Steven Kotler dive into the science of the Flow state and how we can use it to upgrade performance, the workplace, and society as a whole.