The world breaks everyone, wrote Ernest Hemingway, and afterwards, some are stronger at the broken places.

And isn’t that the truth?

Even in the gym, we break down our muscles and endure the soreness, just so the next week we can come back a little stronger. And the week after that, stronger still.

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We all pick different ways to motivate ourselves—some choose a big goal (like a marathon or an adventure trip), some try to recapture past glory (like fitting into our high school jeans), some try to keep up with the Jones (like those insufferable holiday card updates).

But as we all know, it’s really hard to stay motivated over the long haul, and a lot of times, those goals never quite come true. Because even if your rocket is pointed directly at your “moonshot” life, if it runs out of gas halfway to its destination, it’s going to fall right out of the sky.

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Author David Foster Wallace once pointed out that “the most obvious important realities are often the ones that are hardest to see and to talk about.” And this is certainly true in science. In my experience, the questions that reveal hidden universes are often the ones that are so unsexy, simple and basic that they… Continue reading
Being in the zone. Zenning out. Whatever you call it, concentrating so deeply you don’t even realize it is sublime. The North Face Endurance Challenge 50K in Marin County, California, might be the most scenic ultrarunning race in the country. Dirt jeep roads and winding singletrack take runners along the jagged Pacific coast, up and… Continue reading
Hacking the Tripping Mind: A Fantastic Voyage Through Inner Space Pay attention. What if you could focus and control your consciousness when under the influence of psychedelics? Cognitive roller-coasters may be upon us. Almost fifty years ago, ex-Harvard professor Timothy Leary and his colleagues penned an essay titled "On Programming Psychedelic Experiences." Essentially, the article… Continue reading