Create a Work Environment That Fosters Flow Everywhere we look in business, timetables once measured by calendars can now be clocked by egg timers. So how can we keep up? In a word — and according to an ever-increasing pile of evidence — “flow.” READ FULL ARTICLE
How to Be 5 Times More Productive: Tweak Your Brain Chemistry If your employees’ productivity levels are flagging, it may be time to pump up their neurochemicals. Fortunately that doesn’t require electroshock treatment, pills, or experimental operations. All you need is to create the right environment that encourages a certain state of consciousness. READ FULL… Continue reading
Pushing The Limits of What Used to Be Possible Why are world records being broken all over the place? It’s all about superman. WATCH EPISODE HERE
Mindshare Entertainment has optioned the rights to Steven Kotler’s bestseller “The Rise of Superman,” with the company planning on adapting the book into a TV show, feature-length documentary and digital experience.
Jordan speaks to Steven about Rise of Superman and how the flow cycle can be reverse engineered in practical ways that can then lead to more flow in one’s life. He discusses the movement of flow